Malang Regency Government Affirms Unlicensed Viral Mayor Sutiaji Gowes

Poor – The Malang City Government claims that the Mayor of Sutiaji’s ride with the finish of Kondang Merak Beach already has a permit. However, the Malang Regency Government has denied this. “And we have never given permission to open it, until now we have never been at the Tourism Office to give a permit,” […]

Mu Varian and Pandemic Saturation Point

The new variant of the cause of Covid, mu, appeared when people were already fed up with PPKM. By : Muhammad Fakhruddin, Journalist REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, The Covid-19 pandemic in the country is showing signs of sloping. This raises public optimism that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon. A sense of optimism emerged as the restrictions […]

Witness Confirms Mass Gymnastics at Puri Indah, West Jakarta: Crowded!

Jakarta – On social media, there is a viral video of the bustling residents of Puri Indah, West Jakarta, who do morning exercises accompanied by loud music during the PPKM period. It turned out that the incident was true, not an old incident, as said by West Jakarta Head of Satpol PP Tamo Sijabat. […]

Extended until September 13, Jakarta is still PPKM Level 3

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Deputy Governor DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria said, the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia is currently still under the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) level 3 until September 13 next. Riza asked the public not to be too euphoric with various easing of PPKM levels in Jakarta. […]

Latest PPKM Rules in Solo: Can Reception-Eat in Mall

Solo – The Solo City Government loosened a number of rules after its status was dropped to the implementation of Level 3 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). This latest rule is written in the Solo Mayor’s Circular Letter number 067/2685. This SE was signed by the Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, today. “Dine in at […]

Crowded Peak Area When PPKM Level 3, Bogor Police Apply Odd Even

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Bogor Police Traffic Unit will enforce odd-even on roads leading to the Puncak area. This step was taken following the density of vehicles at the weekend when PPKM Level 3 was still in effect. Overcrowding on the Bogor Peak Line occurred due to the loosening of PPKM regulations in Bogor Regency. Many […]

Anies Issues Rules, Face-to-Face Schools Are Available in DKI!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has imposed a Level 3 Community Activity Restriction (PPKM) until August 30, 2021. Although the PPKM level has dropped, the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province, Anies Baswedan, appealed to the public to remain disciplined in health protocols. “This is good news, but it doesn’t mean we […]