5 Defendants Klitih File an Appeal, Assuming the Case was Engineered

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia — The five defendants in the street crime case alias practice in Gedongkuning, Kotagede, through their respective attorneys, they plan to appeal the decision handed down by the District Court Judges. YogyakartaTuesday (8/11). Taufiqurrahman as the attorney for the defendant Fernandito Aldrian Saputra said that the panel of judges had dismissed all […]

destinations accessible by ferry from France

PRACTICE – Corsica, Sardinia, Balearic Islands or Ireland… These islands are directly accessible from French ports. Connections, duration, comfort on board… Our guide to traveling by sea rather than by air. It is a mode of transport often forgotten in the face of the train and the plane. However, from Ireland to Morocco via Corsica […]

Le Figaro Store – Le Figaro Santé n ° 34

Novelty Special number On pre-order – delivery from October 27 Novelty Special number On pre-order – delivery from October 27 7,50 € Available Add to Cart Kill him, once and for all! Every cancer patient is like a brave fighter inhabited alternately by fear, anguish and hope, sometimes traversed by despair, to whom a smile […]

Viral circulation continues to decline even if the virus remains present

The epidemic situation has remained stable for 15 consecutive weeks. Contamination figures are falling week by week. Last week, 287 people tested positive out of 2,876 screenings (compared to 325 the previous week). No cluster has been declared. Unfortunately, 2 deaths are to be deplored. On the evening of October 18, the hospital situation remains […]

Brazil: Lula and Bolsonaro surrender blow for blow in the 1st debate

“Little dictator”, “national shame”: the attacks rocketed between Lula and Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday, during the first televised debate putting the two opponents face to face in the second round of the Brazilian presidential election, in two weeks. This debate, which lasted less than two hours on the Bandeirantes channel, was heated at times, but […]

What does HACCP concept mean? (school, health and medicine, health)

good evening in geography class we were given a homework assignment that went like this: assessing economic sustainability in class we collected some key points related to ski tourism and were supposed to write an assessment of the economic sustainability in relation to the key points, but i don’t quite understand the task. could someone […]

Explosion in a mine in Turkey: 25 dead, dozens of workers trapped underground

Rescuers are trying to save dozens of workers still trapped underground after the explosion in a coal mine that left at least 25 dead and 28 injured in northwestern Turkey, where President Recep is going on Saturday. Tayyip Erdogan. “Our wish is that the loss of human life is not higher and that our miners […]