Health, transport: what are the results of the first workshop negotiations? – All the news of Martinique on the Internet

The seven workshops decided within the framework of the general strike started, in part, this Wednesday and continued yesterday (Thursday, December 2). Update on what emerges from it concerning health and transport. A method agreement was signed between the inter-union, elected officials and state services regarding the strikers’ platform of demands. Seven workshops are to […]

Health workshop: the intersyndicale puts everything on the table

The Health workshop began Thursday at 2 p.m., at the Prefecture and in the presence of the various parties provided for by the method agreement signed at the end of last week. The inter-union intends to tackle all subjects. Por Olivier Villeronce, Secretary General CDMT Santé, the Minister for Overseas Territories is not the Minister […]

Reopening of schools in Petit-Bourg

As of tomorrow (Thursday, December 2), all nursery and elementary schools in the town of Petit-Bourg will be open again to ensure the reception of students. The mayor of Petit-Bourg David Nebor communicated to citizens the decision to reopen nursery and elementary schools in the town. Collegial decision The mayor of the municipality specified that […]

Intermittent Fasting: Five Things You Need to Know Before You Join the Diet | SEGS

Intermittent fasting is currently one of the most popular trends among people looking to lose weight. However, with its popularity, there is also a series of controversies about the possible harms of this type of diet, especially when combined with bad practices and the lack of monitoring by a responsible professional. Irani Gomes dos Santos […]

Fedal Federer Nadal – Bourrières Rémi – 9782080254153 | Catalog

What the editor says Living legends of tennis, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are among the most adored athletes of our time. Their rivalry has reached such a level of notoriety and passion that it has even been given a name: “FEDAL” (contraction of Federer and Nadal). This book reviews in detail their 40 confrontations, […]

Objective “total massacre”: bloodbath in the largest prison in Ecuador – All the news of Guadeloupe on the Internet

Extremely violent clashes between inmate gangs continued on Saturday in the Guayaquil penitentiary in southwest Ecuador, which authorities claimed to “control” in the evening after the death of at least 68 prisoners in 24 hours. Mutilated and burned bodies, scenes of great “savagery”, “barbarity” … With bladed weapons, firearms and explosives, the clashes began Friday […]

The “Diabetes, all concerned” caravan screens you for free

This Sunday, November 14 is the World Day against Diabetes. On this occasion, the caravan “Diabetes, all concerned”, offers a free screening this Saturday until 4:30 pm at the Caisse Guadeloupéenne de Retraites par Distribution aux Abymes. Like Jacqueline, there were several of them this Saturday morning to come to the Caisse Guadeloupéenne de Retraites […]