PBH resumes night visits for inspection to combat Aedes aegypti

Belo Horizonte City Hall has resumed night visits to properties in the capital, to schedule inspections that aim to eliminate outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The actions are carried out in homes where, during business hours, it was not possible for the Endemic Combat Agents (ACEs) or Sanitary Agents (ASs) to have access. Programming […]

Belo Horizonte City Hall expands beds dedicated to Covid-19 in the SUS Network

To ensure assistance to the population, the City of Belo Horizonte opened, this Monday, January 17, 34 more beds in the Covid-19 Infirmary in the SUS-BH Network. There was also an expansion in the Intensive Care Units of the public network and, in recent days, another 9 ICU beds were increased, also specific for the […]