Elmer Charlaix denies that Sanabria worked at Capres, but his CV says otherwise

The former private secretary of former president Antonio Saca declared who in the administration of the former president received bonuses. Despite the statements of Elmer Charlaix, former private secretary of former President Antonio Saca, that he never saw the current Press Secretary of the Presidency of the Nayib Bukele government at the Presidential House; In […]

“The Carabineros police will not exist as we understand it today”

This Wednesday the candidate for the presidency Paula Narvaez He presented his government program, which includes 40 main measures as a tribute to the first 40 measures of Salvador Allende’s mandate. The letter from the Socialist Party, backed by the PPD, PL and NT, showed a recovery plan to address the pandemic and what will […]

Gaddafi’s Son Runs To Be Libyan Presidential Candidate, 10 Years After NATO Action

loading… TRIPOLI – Son of the former Leader Libya Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is eyeing the highest office in his country. The move comes a decade after his late father was ousted and killed by NATO-backed rebels. Gaddafi’s overthrow has dragged Libya into civil unrest for up to now. “Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has begun […]

Ridwan Kamil Claims to be More Realistic 2 Periods in West Java Than Nyapres

Jakarta – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil (RK) is said to have the potential to become a presidential candidate (candidate) in 2024. However, Ridwan Kamil himself admits that he is more rational to continue his leadership in West Java. “I think the second term of the Governor of West Java is more manageable, more realistic, […]

Trump continues to pull the Republican strings despite Twitter ban

June 7, 2021 at 12:29 pm Ex-President turns 75 : Trump continues to pull the Republican strings despite Twitter ban US President Donald Trump celebrates his 75th birthday on June 14th. Photo: dpa/Patrick Semansky Washington Donald Trump is celebrating his first birthday since leaving the White House. His influence with the Republicans is unbroken. On […]

Yani Rosenthal: ‘Not only do I not have a visa, but I can never enter the US again’

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The presidential candidate for the Liberal Party of Honduras, Yani Rosenthal, He confessed that he will not be able to re-enter the United States. In conversation with the capital radio station Radio América, he also revealed the reasons that made him seek the presidency of the Republic again. “Not only do I not […]

Does the 2022 race for the Presidency of the Republic begin?

Although it still takes almost two years for the next elections, analysts consulted by EL HERALDO consider that the political race for the Presidency of the Republic of 2022. For the political scientist and professor at the Universidad del Norte Ángel Tuirán “the latest movements of important actors on the Colombian political scene indicate that, […]