A cell therapy vaccine kills cancer and prevents its recurrence

Rewrite this content Scientists are taking advantage of a new way to turn cancer cells into powerful anticancer agents. Khalid Shah’s team, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (USA), has developed a new cell therapy approach that is capable of simultaneously eliminating tumors and inducing long-term immunity, training the immune system to prevent the recurrence of […]

A dual antibody prevents metastases in models of breast and pancreatic cancer

Researchers at Harvard University have identified an antibody that recognizes both epithelial E-cadherin and mesenchymal OB-cadherin, two proteins regulated in the opposite way during the transition that allows tumor cells to start the process of metastasis. In a triple-negative breast cancer model… Researchers at Harvard University have identified an antibody that recognizes both epithelial […]

Apple Watch SE (44mm) – Starlight Gold – CD Market Argentina

Cordoba Avenue 1176 4375-1464 Lun a Vier: 11 to 19 h. HOW DO I ARRIVE? COLLECTIVE 5, 6, 9, 10, 17, 23, 24, 26, 29, 39, 45, 59, 60, 67, 70, 75, 99, 100, 101, 102, 106, 108, 109, 111, 115, 129, 132, 140, 150, 152, 180 SUBWAY COURTS (Line D) TRAIN Miter Line – […]

An occupation prevents the demolition of the houses of San José expected in June

Fences between the road and the ruined houses of San José. | // VICTOR ECHAVE The City Council reported almost four months ago that the demolition of the ruined houses of the old rural nucleus of San José, on Fisterra avenue just before the limit with the municipality of Arteixo, would be imminently demolished. At […]

Job insecurity prevents young people under 30 from having access to a home

The latest data published by the Youth Council indicates that at the end of 2020 the youth emancipation rate It stood at 15.8%, which is three points less than that registered in 2019 and the lowest figure in the last 21 years. When looking for explanations, we must refer to job insecurity and the impossibility […]