“Final spurt school – home straight job”​

Krefeld There are still one or two young people who are currently considering whether an apprenticeship can be an alternative to school. But where are you supposed to find suitable training “just before the end”? Here are tips. The 2022 training year will start shortly. There are still one or two young people who are […]

Policewoman sings at the swearing-in ceremony in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne

May 31, 2022 at 5:25 am Appearance at the swearing-in ceremony for young police officers in Cologne : Krefeld policewoman rocks the Lanxess Arena Well known in the NRW police because of her voice: Inspector Ciara Ehren is on duty in the North Police Station. Photo: Collect Krefeld It must have been touching minutes: A […]

Understanding the Importance of Leave, Which is Always Required Achmad Yurianto

KOMPAS.com – The departure of Achmad Yurianto left various positive stories that he did to those around him. He is said to be very committed to providing health services to the community in various tasks. In addition, the former Government Spokesperson for the Handling of Covid-19 is considered a very wise superior who also pays […]

Alföldi feels like he has been on the bench in his profession

He has been on the field for over thirty years Róbert Alföldiwho has achieved great success as an actor and director. Yet the director feels like he’s been on an “exchange bench” in his profession lately. THE DTK: I’ll take it with me In the new episode of the show, Alföldi spoke at length to […]

The Berlin Day will take place again on Saturday as a large face-to-face event

On Saturday takes place after two years Germany’s largest job and information fair in the field of education, the Berlin Day, again in attendance. At more than 175 stands, interested parties can find out about possible uses in schools, day-care centers and youth welfare offices. Over 80 general education schools as well as vocational and […]

Sport and work – pilot project to find apprentices – GBG building

Styrian Bears© saschapseiner Creative measures have already been taken in recent years to get young people enthusiastic about the GBG. Apprenticeship castings have already taken place in a tram or on the Murinsel. In 2022, the GBG is now taking a completely new approach when looking for apprentices, as young people are offered the opportunity […]

Why we are cold in the home office

Frankfurt/Main (dpa/tmn) – – Cold, colder, home office: The room temperature is right, but we still feel particularly cold at our desks at home. Hands and feet in particular cool down. Why is that? The physiologist Prof. Ralf Brandes explains what happens in the body and how we provide heat. Why do we get cold […]

Scientists reveal which jobs are most at risk of being replaced | Technology

The method, developed by a team of Swiss scientists, reveals that artificial intelligence is not the only threat to human employment. Los physicists are the professionals who have the least risk of being replaced in the near future by machines, while the butchers y packers of meat face the greatest risk, according to a method […]

Blitzer-Marathon 2022: Flashes are being used here today

Blitzer-Marathon 2022 Flashing here today 03/24/2022, 09:39 am Since 2013, speed offenders have been hunted almost everywhere on Day X. Today is that day. We tell you where and when flashes are used. lawn kills. Still. And again and again. Most of the 2,569 traffic deaths in the past year were due to “inadequate speed”. […]

These are 5 Jobs with Exciting Prospects in the Next Years All

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption to the world of work. According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) entitled Future of Jobs Report 2020there are 85 million types of job roles that will be replaced in the next five years. It can be said that the company has […]