With promises to be models, the subject would have subjected young girls in Meta

A mother, her daughter and her granddaughter, who were forced to abandon the property located in the La Julia inspection, due to the pressure exerted by the FARC guerrilla, recovered a house lot of 4,162 square meters. This is contemplated in the sentence handed down by the First Civil Court of the Specialized Circuit in […]

This week promises uncharacteristically warm weather

According to the weather forecasts, unusually warm weather will remain for the second half of September this week. As predicted by the social media portal www.lsm.lv, Tuesday night will be much warmer than the previous ones, the minimum temperature will be 10-17 degrees, but the day will be summery warm – up to 20-25 degrees. […]

JIRAMA far from keeping its promises

The three-week deadline given by the President of the Republic is not yet close to elapse to put an end to the load shedding that reigns in the capital and the big cities of Madagascar and now JIRAMA is still doing its own. For a few nights now, the electricity has been cut in most […]