French restaurateur wins against Axa insurance

Empty gastronomy According to a court ruling, his insurer has to pay for the operating losses of a French restaurant operator. (Photo: dpa) Paris This is a decision that could have serious consequences for the legal assessment of the lockdown: Stéphane Manigold, a French operator of four restaurants, won against the insurer Axa in a […]

Insurer Axa loses in dispute over restaurant closings

Waiter with a mask Bars and restaurants have been closed in many countries to slow the spread of the corona virus. (Photo: Bloomberg) Paris The French industry giant AXA has suffered a defeat in the dispute over business closure insurance for hotels and restaurants in the corona crisis. A commercial court awarded the operator of […]

Innkeepers feel abandoned by insurers

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt March 21 was over. The Berlin restaurateur Ludger Gawlitta has had no guests since that day. Not in the “Kantine Deluxe”, which he has been operating on Hackescher Markt for six years, and not in the branch at the main train station that opened two years ago. For the past six weeks, Gawlitta […]

Talanx joins supplier EWE

Flags of the insurance company Talanx fly before a general meeting Talanx intends to adhere to the planned dividend at tomorrow’s general meeting. (Photo: dpa) Munich Germany’s third largest insurer Talanx claims to be a three-digit million sum from the North German regional supplier EWE. The listed company there is a co-investor in the French […]

What owners need to consider when it comes to insurance

Munich Higher grants should finally help electric cars make a breakthrough on Germany’s roads. That was the plan when, at the end of February, the European Commission waved the government’s planned increase in subsidies for electric cars. Buyers of new cars are currently receiving a bonus of up to € 6,000 when purchasing a purely […]

What Corona costs insurers

Frankfurt In February, Allianz CFO Giulio Terzariol was relatively carefree. Europe’s largest insurer is currently not afraid of high burdens as a result of the spread of the corona virus, the top manager at the time at the annual press conference in Munich confidently stated as a motto. The insurance of companies against business interruptions […]

Insurers are calling for state help

Paris, Frankfurt, Munich Oliver Bäte usually speaks quickly, but with caution. So it is no coincidence that a few days ago he ventured an unusual venture on the subject of Corona. A pandemic is “comparable to catastrophes such as earthquakes or the explosion of a nuclear power plant,” argued the CEO of Europe’s largest insurance […]

China wants to facilitate the entry of foreign life insurers

China Anbang Insurance The Chinese insurer’s headquarters in Beijing (Photo: picture alliance / Zhou junxiang – Imaginechina) Hong Kong According to insiders, China wants to open up more to foreign life insurers and facilitate mergers with local actors. The capital cushion of small and medium-sized Chinese life insurers should be strengthened, several people familiar with […]

What to do if the insured are in arrears with Corona

Frankfurt Canceled orders, worries about money, fear of existence: The corona crisis affects many people financially. The measures to curb the spread of Covid 19 are a turning point, especially for many self-employed and small entrepreneurs: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, shops, music schools, sports venues, restaurants, pubs and hairdressing shops have to close until […]

Bikers must take this into account with their insurance company

Motorcycle season has started If you choose the right policy, you can save money. (Photo: dpa) Munich It is the moment that many motorcyclists have been eagerly waiting for. Despite all the fears of corona, a number of them have used the sun’s rays from the past few days for the first exit of the […]