Fira de Girona proposes an ERTO to the eight workers on staff

Girona City Council and the Chamber of Commerce have agreed this Wednesday afternoon to present an ERTO to the eight workers that Fira de Girona has in its staff. The measure comes after all the fairs have been postponed until the summer and the uncertainty of how these events will be able to resume in […]

Temporada Alta proposes in Buenos Aires an online version with theater and cinema

The Argentine theater TIMBRe4, together with Temporada Alta, offers a special edition of the festival in Buenos Aires, which can be followed online from April 30 to May 4: TABA at home. The initiative aims to offer content outside the festival dates and maintain the link with the public through its digital channels. The public […]

FIFA proposes five changes per game and a sixth in extensions until 2021

TheFIFAwants to allow teams to performup to five substitutions per game until the end of 2021, forthus alleviate the workloadextra from the players that can promote a more intense schedule due to the pandemic of thecoronavirus. The international soccer entity confirmed this suggestion to the DPA agency following a report from the tabloid ‘Sun’, which […]

Urkullu proposes “limited opening” of shops and small businesses

The Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu has defended in the conference with the regional presidents that Pedro Sánchez has celebrated this Sunday his proposal that in the Basque Country be prepared from April 27 “The limited and regulated opening of shops and small businesses, with strict conditions of time limitation and prohibiting the grouping of people ». […]

Rubiales proposes that there are no decreases from 2nd B

The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, proposes an “express mechanism” to end the season in non-professional categories. Thus, if approved, from Second B the number of promotions that were planned would be guaranteed and there would be no decreases. In addition to the Third Division, the measure would affect the state competitions […]

The Federation proposes in Second B and Third playoffs express and without decreases

The Spanish Federation will deal with territorial federations, including the Basque, an express model to end non-professional competitions at this time of health alarm. The Federation chaired by Luis Rubiales proposes to save the furniture in Second B and Third, express playoffs for promotions, single party, without decreases taking place in the lower part, with […]

IMQ board intends to fire company president on Monday

Pedro Ensunza. Pedro Ensunza yesterday sent a letter to all shareholders in which he described a part of the doctors as “coup plotters” MANU ALVAREZ Saturday, April 4, 2020, 04:06 The board of directors of the IMQ group, the Basque company that owns the main medical insurer in the Basque Country, will vote on Monday […]