Former PSI Politician Sends Birthday Bouquets for Anies Baswedan

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Birthday wreaths for DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan lined up at City Hall, Central Jakarta today. One of the senders was former PSI politician Viani Limardi. “Happy birthday Mr. Anies Rasyid Baswedan,” reads the writing on the bouquet of flowers from Viani Limardi. This member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD sent two […]

Red Sea marks start in Lisbon. Galp drops 3% – Stock Exchange

The Lisbon stock exchange started the week trading in negative territory, with the PSI index following the declines in Europe, at a time when the worsening pandemic situation in China is plunging equity markets into the red. The PSI-20 drops 1% to 5,941.30 points, with 14 shares falling and one (REN) unchanged. Among the Old […]

Tsamara Attacked After Leaving PSI Judged Due to Social Polarization

Jakarta – Former cadre of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Tsamara Amany was attacked by a number of parties from SARA, cadrun to ‘Yemeni henchmen’ after leaving PSI. Sociologist from the National University, Sigit Rohadi, believes that this is due to the increasingly sharp polarization. “Social polarization in our country is getting sharper and difficult […]

UGM & PAN Lecturer’s Counterattack, Ade Armando Cs Threatened by Police Report

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Social media activist and lecturer at the University of Indonesia, Goodbye Armando and politicians from the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), Guntur Romli, is in danger of being reported back to the police for alleged defamation. According to the plan, Ade Armando will be reported by PAN DPP Chairman Saleh Partaonan Daulay, […]

PSI Compares Justin Bieber’s E-Concert Formula, Golkar: Don’t Make a Crowd

Jakarta – PSI is surprised that Formula E tickets have not been sold until they are compared to Justin Bieber’s concert. Golkar DKI asks PSI not to be noisy during Formula E preparations. “No need for polemics, let’s work together to help, at least help pray and don’t ngerecokin people who are working,” said the […]

Uproar Again PSI Attacks About Formula E While Touching Justin Bieber

Jakarta – Jakarta Formula E tickets have not been sold even though the racing event is only 66 days away. PSI DKI threw an attack by alluding to Justin Bieber’s concert. VP Communication Organizing Committee Formula E Jakarta Iman Sjafei said the committee would open ticket sales after finalizing the audience capacity. Iman said the […]

Dividend takes BCP to pre-war levels. Energy weighs in Lisbon – Markets

The Lisbon stock exchange closed higher, following the positive trend experienced by stock exchanges around the world thanks to the prospect of a retreat in Russian troops near Kiev. The national benchmark PSI index gained 0.29% for 5.921,84 points, with seven quoted in green, six in red and two unchanged. Leading the gains was BCP, […]

Giring Cancels Nyapres, PSI Proposes 9 Names Without Prabowo and Anies

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Central Executive Board of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) offered nine names as potential candidates to advance in the presidential candidate market (presidential candidate) 2024. The proposal for the nine names follows the decision of the General Chair of PSI, Giring Ganesha alias Giring Nidji, who abandoned his intention to […]