Senate passes legislation to release certain inmates during pandemic emergency

The Senate today approved in its Ordinary Session, the Senate Bill 1584 authored by the senator, Héctor Martínez Maldonado who amends the “Reorganization Plan of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation” for the purpose of empowering the Secretary to release those members of the correctional population who qualify when the person who occupies the governorate […]

How viruses broke containment and spread all over the world

Stop the flights. Stop the boats. Close the borders. Why didn’t it all stop that COVID-19 infected the world? COVID-19 has two properties that made containment almost impossible. It takes up to two weeks between the infection and the appearance of symptoms. And for part of that time, ignorant sufferers can be ignorant spreaders. Some […]

Corona virus: The test kits are missing in Australia

Less than two months after the coronavirus became a public health emergency in Australia, we are dangerously short of the reagent needed to test for the killer virus. News Corp believes stocks of this reagent in Western Australia and Queensland are under pressure. While other states like South Australia have around a month’s supply. Media […]

What will happen when WHO declares a pandemic?

For the first time since the coronavirus was discovered, the number of new infections within China has been exceeded by new cases in other parts of the world. Currently 45 countries outside China have been affected by the virus, with Italy and Iran emerging as other epicenters of the disease. These recent outbreaks have raised […]

Sample of Chinese military deployment is lying about virus

China is calling on its armed forces to reinforce exhausted health workers and apply new and strict quarantine measures imposed on the epicenter of the Covid-19 virus outbreak when a seventh medical worker dies from the disease. On Tuesday, Wuhan’s health office announced that the hospital’s director, Liu Zhiming, died of a coronavirus despite all […]

The deleted image of Tencent raises doubts about the cases

An image released briefly in Chinese Chinese giant Tencent before being quickly eliminated has sparked a debate about the true count of coronavirus victims and whether it is much higher than official statistics show. On Saturday night, Tencent published in its virus tracker that the confirmed number of cases was recorded at 154,023, more than […]

The death toll in China increases to 259, the total infected to 11,791

The death toll from a new virus in China rose to 259 on Saturday and a World Health Organization official said other governments should prepare for “control of domestic outbreaks” if the disease spreads in their countries. Beijing criticized the Washington order banning the entry of most foreigners who visited China in the last two […]

Coronavirus scare on the Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Hobart

Health authorities are evaluating a man who became ill on a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Hobart amid fears of coronavirus. The plane was locked on the asphalt at Hobart Airport for several hours on Friday afternoon while health authorities examined the man. The deadly coronavirus is not very suspicious, but he has been taken […]

What are the symptoms and risk of coronavirus for Australians?

The rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus had alerted health authorities and caused a global panic. The virus has claimed at least 81 lives in China and infected more than 2750 worldwide, including five people in Australia, since it was discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan. While the World Health Organization failed to declare […]

The map shows the rapid movement of the disease.

The rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus has become a map, and China today confirms another 25 deaths from viral disease. The map was created by Johns Hopkins University in response to the ongoing public health emergency and to “visualize and track reported cases on a daily time scale.” The map is obtained from a […]