They find the body of a man in a garbage bag

In The Bronx, the authorities investigate the discovery of a lifeless body of a man stuffed in a garbage bag and on top of a shopping cart. The emergency services went yesterday around 11 in the morning to the intersection of Whitlock Avenue with Bruckner Boulevard, in Longwood, where the event was recorded. This occurs […]

Man Found with Gunshot Wound to Head in Brooklyn Vehicle

Police find a man with a gunshot wound to the head inside a vehicle in Brooklyn. The incident occurred at 5 p.m. yesterday at 261 Kingston Avenue in Crow Heights. According to police, a 36-year-old man was found inside a parked vehicle. It is not clear if the person who shot him was inside or […]

A young woman fatally stabs her neighbor because of noise

A young woman stabs her neighbor to death after an argument over the volume of the music. Police said both people had a history of fighting over noise. A Citizen App video shows the scene, moments after the attack. The incident occurred yesterday morning in an apartment building located on Elsmere Place in the Tremont […]

A police vehicle fatally runs over a woman

“She was my sister, and I loved her very much…” This is how heartbroken Joane Stoehr is, who says that the 52-year-old victim who was fatally struck by a New York police patrol Friday night in Far Rockaway, Queens, was her caregiver. “It’s not going to be easy, she’s like family, like a sister to […]

They ask for more security in schools after the wave of violence

Recent incidents of gun violence around public schools in the city have Carla Manuel, who picks up her daughter and nephew from a public school in Washington Heights, extremely concerned: “I am alarmed because one thinks that they are safe inside a school, but With these shootings that are practically carried out by the students […]

Suspect in paramedic death charged with murder

Police announced Friday that Peter Zisopoulos, 34, has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon in the fatal stabbing of paramedic Allison Russo-Elling. Russo-Elling, 61, was heading to a corner store in an Astoria, Queens, neighborhood Thursday afternoon to get something to eat when Zisopoulos stabbed her multiple times, according to the […]

They are looking for a suspect in robbery and sexual assault

A sexual predator has assaulted three women inside Washington and Fort Tyron parks in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan during the day and just four days apart each, according to police. The last of these attacks occurred on Saturday the 24th at 10:50 in the morning, according to the authorities. The victim was a […]

They shoot dead a man who kept a parking lot for a program

An unknown person murdered today a security guard of the recording crew of the television series “Law & Order: Organized Crime” (Law and Order: Organized Crime) in the county of Brooklyn. The victim, 31-year-old Jonny Pizarro, was sitting in a vehicle in the recording area when a person opened the door and shot him in […]