The regional television and radio stations claim their place and their good work

Oscar RusFOLLOW Madrid Updated:12/05/2022 14:14h Save A year ago, the group of regional television stations exceeded La 1 in audience for the first time. It has not happened again, but the difference is usually just a few tenths. In April itself there was a tie with an 8.3% audience share; some figures that are due to […]

Russia criminalizes press work

“I will disappear from social networks for a while”, writes one. “I will remain silent for the moment on Twitter”, announces another. The dozens of foreign correspondents based in Moscow are now afraid of being arrested and sentenced to heavy prison terms for simply doing their job of reporting on the situation in Russia. Since […]

Angiology / Our consultation offer / Our care offer / Patients and family / Home

Angiology, also called vascular medicine, is a discipline concerned with diseases affecting blood vessels such as veins or arteries and lymph channels. The angiologist intervenes in the prevention, the diagnosis, the treatment and the follow-up of the patient: for the veins: phlebitis: presence of blood clots in a vein. chronic venous insufficiency: poor circulation of […]

Watch Talisca’s reaction! • Sports Observatory

Sports Al-Marsad: The sports journalist, “Adnan Justinia”, published a clip of the goal of Al-Nasr player “Vincent Abu Bakr” in front of Abha, commenting on the reaction of the Brazilian “Anderson Talisca” after scoring the goal. Commenting on the video, “Justinia” said: “Look at Talisca’s reaction after Abu Bakr’s goal. Their hearts are different, we […]

They publish a photo of a corpse, the sister of the victim sees it on Instagram

Five young people were sentenced for having posted photos of an accident on social networks in which the victim can be seen. The latter’s sister came across one of the pictures … On July 20, 2019, while driving in Destelbergen, near Ghent, 20-year-old Jens Hamerlinck lost control of his vehicle on a bend and struck […]

Payroll and “other charges” plague the accounts of Girondins – Girondins

The LFP has just published the individual accounts of the various Ligue 1 clubs for the 2019-2020 season. It is the DNCG reports published by the LFP that allow us to access the accounts of the Girondins de Bordeaux for the 2019-2020 season. During the season, Ligue 1 had 9 loss-making clubs, including the Girondins. […]

SARS CoV 2 and multiple sclerosis

news KKNMS appeases worrying vaccination dates from Israel by Lena Forster (12.05.2021) The vaccination response under ongoing immunotherapy is currently being investigated by many groups. A recently published study from Israel is causing concern among doctors and MS patients. The group led by Anat Achiron from Israel has published the assumption that there is no […]