The last ideological battle of the Polish ultraconservatives | International

Sex education could become a crime punishable by up to five years in prison in Poland if Parliament passes a law criminalizing the “promotion of sexual activity among minors”. The legal initiative, promoted by a pro-life association and which in its statement affirms that it seeks to prevent “pedophilia from being promoted” and “protect children […]

Aiza Anokhina “destroys” an elite apartment before the sale

Blurred walls and broken furniture will clearly lower the cost of living space. Recently, Aiza Anokhina said that her relationship with Guf was reflected in her current marriage and destroyed it, after which she put up her apartment in the center of Moscow for sale. Isa’s fans immediately realized that Dmitry Anokhin, who spent most […]

The market is crazy, crazy, crazy | Economy

Do markets overreact? Yes, but not just them. The coronavirus crisis illuminates a logical health-economic sequence. Consumption is shrinking in China, there are millions of people in quarantine. Factories close, investments are set back. And they lower the Bags before the probability of lower profits. The virus infects international trade, air transport, tourism. It causes […]

Alex Txikon arrives at Everest camp 2 after punishing another day with snow

Everest, the highest summit on earth, is already a mountain tamed in spring. The massification, the ropes and some almost millimeter meteorological parts have turned it into an absolutely predictable mountain and despised by the mountaineering purists. But only in the premonzón. Outside that time, the Sagarmatha (his Nepali name, which means ‘The forehead of […]

Liga Santander: Celta goes back to Sevilla and leaves the descent | sports

Celta spent all afternoon on Sunday as a LaLiga colista and at dusk he was out of the descent, two points over that area, victorious after a comeback of epic dyes in the last quarter of an hour, with a goal of triumph almost over the three beeps Everything changed the team from Vigués when […]

Overproduction punishes oil workers

The so-called green gold has been losing brightness for almost two years, at least for the pocket of the professionals, although with ups and downs marked largely by the weather. Thus, after a 2018-19 campaign (closed on September 30), a record in production when harvesting 1.78 million tons of olive oil and table olives, another […]