The exemplary gesture of Puskas never counted

Tomás González-Martín Updated:05/21/2020 01: 48h save Related news Ferenc Puskás was nicknamed Pancho for his friendliness and sympathy. The Hungarian was such a happy and joyful person, even though he had had a very hard time throughout his life. His escape from communism when he played with the Honved played in a European Cup match […]

Bernabéu, Di Stéfano, Gento, Muñoz and Puskas, the five keys to the five European Cups

Tomás González-Martín Updated:05/16/2020 00: 48h save Related news They are the five security corridors, which Luis Aragonés, former white player and friend of Di Stéfano, of the world explosion of Real Madrid would say. The arrival of Santiago Bernabéu transformed the club to make it an international image. They called him crazy for building a […]

The reason why Puskas came to Real Madrid with twelve extra kilos

Tomás González-Martín Updated:04/29/2020 01:51 save Related news So They called it a cannon shot, not a cannon. He had an impressive ten-meter sprint, despite its corpulence. And a superb shot, the best ever. That is why FIFA established the Puskas award for the best goal of the year. Ferenc Puskas, which meant shotgun in magyar, […]

When Kubala wanted to sign Puskas for Barcelona

Tomás González-Martín Updated:04/10/2020 01: 47h save Related news Barcelona tried to sign Say Stéfano and Puskas in that prodigious decade, that of the fifties, when the European Cups were born and both Real Madrid and Barcelona shone throughout the continent. The Whites became the legend of the European Cup, with five consecutive wins. Di Stéfano […]

The Honved of Puskas, Czibor and Kocsis, guilty of the birth of the European Cup

Tomás González-Martín Updated:04/05/2020 01: 14h save Related news Yes, it was they, the Honved players, who were to blame for the creation of the European Cup. The English, always theirs, point that credit to Wolwerhampton, who beat Honved 3-2 in 1954, trailing 0-2, in England. But the Hungarian players had arrived very tired from the […]