Listen, these are the latest Umrah conditions for pilgrims from Indonesia

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Jakarta through a diplomatic note informs the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Saudi Arabian government has again allowed the congregation Umrah from Indonesia to perform Umrah after it was closed due to the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic on Friday, October 8, 2021. Responding to […]

Quarantine in Ukraine – the police are preparing raids

As of October 12, 16 regions are at the “orange” level, and this is a zone of enhanced control, Kuzin said. According to him, an important effective control: observance of the mask regime, for the conditions of carriage, at work of catering establishments and entertainment establishments. “Therefore, it is necessary to develop mechanisms, the order […]

Confirmed conviction of seven soldiers for rape of Emberá girl

They confirm the conviction of seven soldiers for raping an Emberá girl, as it became known in the last hours. The above, after the uniformed men sexually accessed her when she was 12 years old. Soldiers convicted of raping Embera girl The Superior Court of Pereira confirmed in second instance the sentence to 16 years […]

Quarantine in Ukraine – will unvaccinated people be allowed to go to grocery stores?

With the transition of Ukraine to the “red” quarantine zone, grocery stores will continue their work. For them, the corresponding restrictions will apply, but the conditions for the mandatory vaccination of visitors are not yet planned to be introduced. “With regard to stores that work with food, they will be able to continue to operate […]

Kill her boyfriend by throwing a cell phone at his head in the middle of a fight

She kills her boyfriend by throwing a cell phone at his head in the middle of a fight, that’s how he met in the last hours. The unfortunate event occurred in northeastern Argentina, in the municipality of Cafayate and is the subject of investigation by the authorities. Kill her boyfriend with a cell phone Roxana […]

21 days of quarantine upon arrival in China to prevent coronavirus

In addition to PCR and antibody tests, when landing in China they wait three weeks of quarantine locked in a hotel room that the traveler must pay Since March last year, China has closed its borders to prevent the coronavirus and only its nationals and foreigners with work permits, such as the ABC correspondent, who […]

Corona in schools – authorities send thousands of children in NRW into quarantine

August 27, 2021 at 2:01 pm High incidences among students : Authorities quarantine thousands of children Full face-to-face teaching in NRW. Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth / dpa Photo: dpa / Philipp von Ditfurth Düsseldorf Lessons are over for many a week after the summer break. Teachers warn of health consequences because, according to recent studies, […]