Pensions, since the flop of Quota 100 there are 10 billion for new bonuses

Applications for retirement through Quota 100 accepted from 2019 to 2021 were just under 380,000, “well below those expected”. This is explained by the latest analysis of INPS and the parliamentary budget office that decrees the flop of one of the key measures of the first Conte government, the yellow-green one with M5s and Lega. […]

there is the plan, what it provides

On the pension reform front it is dense fog. The hypothesis of reaching a synthesis by the end of April has largely disappeared. The government must keep attention on structural reforms, with particular regard to “the structure of the pension system for which, in full respect of the balance of public accounts, debt sustainability and […]

Early 2022 maturity and Quota 41 requirements

While the government and the social partners continue to discuss the reform of the pension systemwith the latest proposal by the executive of an early exit with penalty, on March 1 the window closes for submitting the request for early retirement with Quota 41 for precocious workers. In fact, in 2022, no changes are foreseen […]