Cyclo-cross of Colomiers: Rankings – News

Valentin Cosnier (C’Chartres Cyclisme) won the Colomiers cyclo-cross (Haute-Garonne) on Sunday, organized by US Colomiers Cyclisme. He beat defending champion Thibaut Vassal (UV Mazamet) and Clément Laporte (CC Périgueux Dordogne). Rankings:Seniors and Hopefuls1. COSNIER Valentin C’CHARTRES CYCLING Senior2. VASSAL Thibaut UV MAZAMET Senior3. LAPORTE Clément CC PERIGUEUX DORDOGNE Senior4. QUILEZ Aurelien LVC TONNEINS Senior5. FESTINO […]

The European Cyclo-Cross Cup will return in 2023 – News

After a smooth start in 2021 (read here), the European Cyclo-Cross Cup does not take place in this 2022-2023 season. However, the president of the European Cycling Union Enrico Della Casa has confirmed that it will return to the calendar next season. “It is even already recognized by the UCI as Class 2”he says to […]

Two finishes at C’Chartres Cyclisme – News

C’Chartres Cyclisme announces the arrival of two riders for the 2023 season. They are Benjamin Bertrand (UV Descartes) and Julien Bouteiller (PL Paul Bert Tours). Benjamin Bertrand – our picture -, 22 years old, comes from the triathlon. He has three 3rd category victories in 2022. Julien Bouteiller, 19, won in 3rd category at Distré. […]

Dijon International Cyclo-cross: Rankings – News

Loris Rouiller (Cross Team Legendre) won the Dijon International cyclo-cross (C2) on Tuesday, organized by SCO Dijon. He beat defending champion Valentin Guillaud (Team Guevel Articréations) and Cyprien Gilles (ES Torigni). Rankings:Seniors and Hopefuls1. ROUILLER Loris CROSS TEAM LEGENDRE U 23 ESP in 1h02’42” 2. GUILLAUD Valentin TEAM GUEVEL ARTICREATIONS 1st 00:07 3. GILLES Cyprien […]

Cyclo-cross of Saint-Apollinaire: Rankings – News

Quentin Bourg (SCO Dijon-Team won the Saint-Apollinaire cyclo-cross this Sunday, which served as support for the Côte d’Or Championship. He beat Téo Goisnard (Isatis Cycling Team) and Rodolphe Lestievent (AC Bisontine). Rankings:Seniors and Hopefuls1. BOURG Quentin SCOLYMPIC OF DIJON 1st ESP in 49’40”2. GOISNARD Téo ISATIS CYCLING TEAM Junior Junior J2 01:203. LESTIEVENT Rodolphe […]

Cyclo-cross of Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon: Rankings – News

Albin Bedini (Team Martigues SC-Payden & Rygel) won, this Saturday, the 20th cyclo-cross of La Graille in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon (Vaucluse), organized by the CVC Montfavet. He beat his brother Athys Bedini (VC Ornans) and Ivan Schmitz (Roue d’Or Sisteron Team Payany).Albin Bedini succeeds Ludovic Delpech in the palmarès. Rankings:Seniors and Hopefuls1. BEDINI Albin MARTIGUES SPORT CYCLING […]

A fifth reinforcement for C’Chartres Cyclisme – News

The formation of N2 C’Chartres Cyclisme announces, this Friday morning, the arrival in its ranks of Gabriel Coulondre (AC Bas-Berry) for the 2023 season. He will thus play his first Espoirs season within the Eurelian club. This year, the 2nd year Junior finished 5th in the Centre-Val de Loire Championship against the clock in his […]

Tour de Côte d’Or 2023: The program unveiled – News

Photo credit Christian Cosserat – DirectVelo Photo credit Christian Cosserat – DirectVelo Share on social networks Par CHRISTIAN COSSERAT The 17 October 2022, 07:07 Four stages will be on the program for the 2023 edition of the Tour de Côte d’Or. The Elite National stage race will take place from July 7 to 9. The […]

A third reinforcement at C’Chartres Cyclisme – News

C’Chartres Cyclisme announces a new arrival for next season. This is Junior 2nd year, Quentin Du Mouza (US Saint-Pierre-des-Corps). This year, the 18-year-old rider was Vice-Champion Centre-Val de Loire Juniors time trial, 2nd in the Rillé time trial (All Categories), 4th in the Tour du Center Alsace (5th and 7th d stages), 6th in the […]

An N1 for Camden Feint – News

Camden Feint will continue his career in France but in a new team. A member of Grenoble Métropole Cyclisme 38 this season, the New Zealander will evolve next season at AVC Aix-en-Provence. The 20-year-old rider finished this year 2nd in the Souvenir Bruno Mura at Sorgues, 5th in La Durtorccha, 6th in the Grand Prix […]