Bill Gates leads his daughter to the altar! Even with my ex-wife!

At the North Salem Ranch in New York State, worth CZK 350 million, 300 guests from the American Cream Company were invited to the weekend celebrations. A traditional Muslim ceremony took place on Friday, and on Saturday Bill led his daughter to the altar, and in the evening the famous Coldplay group performed for the […]

Crazy! Djarum ‘Shopping’ Almost Rp 20 T a Day Caplok 2 Issuers

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Hartono Brothers’ Djarum Group gave another surprise to the Indonesian capital market. Most recently, in today’s trading, Friday (1/10/2021), the Djarum Group is estimated to spend nearly Rp 20 trillion amid the company’s plan to acquire two issuers. The two issuers in question are the Ranch Market managing company PT […]