“Wai” comments to protect “Lisa” after being criticized for not showing political expression | Sanook Music

During the past 2 weeks There has been an event where some netizens have commented and commented. Lisa–Lalisa Manobal Thai members of the band BLACKPINK Came out to comment on politics during this time, which last Wai Phunthisa Thienprasit Had left a comment on Lisa’s Instagram about the issue By the last weekend Wai made … Read more

Wai defends Lisa after being threatened with AIG to make her political stance

Currently, it looks like a female idol “Lisa Blackpink” was hit by various netizens. Some groups have called on Lisa to take a stand against politics in Thailand. This made Lilly (Lisa’s fans) worried that Lisa would suffer from depression. Like the singer who had been hit by netizens, there were quite a few dramas … Read more