Liverpool 2019-20 Player of the Year Version Mohamed Salah: Jordan Henderson

Mohamed Salah (c) Getty Pool via AP Photo – Mohamed Salah said all Liverpool players performed well in helping the club win the Premier League title, but if he had to choose the one with the greatest form he would choose Jordan Henderson. Liverpool finally won the league again. They can do it in […]

The Acapulco chair, the popular Mexican furniture that came to design museums

The Acapulco chair is so ingrained among the Mexican population that it is almost part of the landscape. Your design has no owner and is not registered. This oval chair, with a blacksmith frame and woven with plastic threads that allow you to recline comfortably and freshly, is associated with the golden years of the […]

Argentina could reach its maximum peak of coronavirus infections in mid-August

“Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to have more than 438,000 COVID-19 deaths” in the next three months, Etienne said. Etienne also announced that the peak of contagion in Latin America will occur at different times. Chile and Colombia will peak in the next 15 days, while Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru in mid-August. […]

Case Covid-19 is Still High, Attractions in Bogor Regency is Still Closed – The government of Kabupaten Bogor rate of transmission Covid-19 is still quite high. So the Bogor Regency government has no plan to open the objects travel in the near future. A spokesman for the Task force the Acceleration of the Handling of the Covid-19 Bogor Regency, Syarifah Sofiah explained, a new tourist attraction […]

Japan prepares in case UFOs arrive | Global World Blog

It is enough to make the gentle walk to the common place to realize that the law always lags behind society. There are, however, a few exceptions. The Japanese, for example, want to be prepared the day the aliens make an appearance, starting with knowing how to react. Earlier this month, the Japanese Ministry of […]

Operstab reported new COVID-19 infections in St. Petersburg :: St. Petersburg :: RBC

Photo: Svetlana Kholyavchuk / Interpress In St. Petersburg over the past day, 453 new cases of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) were detected, the operational headquarters for combating the disease reports. In total, on May 19, 11,340 cases of infection were officially confirmed. The number of victims of infection increased to 95 people, five patients died over […]