Living space in Freiburg is in short supply

View of Freiburg The city is considered an attractive place to live: Alsace is close at hand and there are many leisure activities. (Foto: Moment/Getty Images) Freiburg The southern Baden student city of Freiburg has always been good for surprises. From a political point of view, this was the last one: Two years ago, the first […]

Buy or rent real estate 2020? What is currently more worthwhile

New housing construction in Lower Saxony The burden of buying an apartment has remained constant in almost all cities. (Photo: dpa) Erfurt, Dusseldorf Are real estate still affordable? If you worry about your future income, you are reluctant to buy real estate. This is all the more true because purchase prices have increased significantly in […]

Greece regulates rents because of the corona crisis

Closed shop in Athens Entrepreneurs such as retailers and restaurateurs who have had to close due to corona restrictions can cut their rents by 40 percent. (Photo: dpa) Athens The real estate market in Greece had just recovered from the ten-year financial crisis when the corona recession is now causing new turbulence. The EU Commission […]

The longing for your own holiday home is growing

Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Athens, Rome The lockdown fires the wanderlust. The desire for carefree holidays, preferably in the safety of your own four walls, grows with the quarantine every day. But the pandemic is also fueling uncertainty. Closed borders, the fear of the deepest recession in the post-war period and the fear of a second […]

The next merger is likely to follow on the property market

Flags in front of the headquarters of the real estate group LEG The housing group talks to its competitor TAG Immobilien about a merger. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt As it should be for the happy month of May, the domestic real estate companies are looking for a partner. It has now become known that the LEG […]

LEG Immobilien talks to TAG Immobilien about a billion merger

Logo of the real estate group LEG The real estate groups LEG and TAG are talking about a merger. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Another billion-dollar merger is looming on the German real estate market. The LEG real estate group is negotiating a merger with TAG Immobilien, as LEG announced on Friday. If there is a merger, […]

Real estate in Corona times: “Crises also offer bargains”

Frankfurt Michael Hüther is in demand these weeks. In the public discussion about ways out of the corona shutdown and the economic consequences of the crisis, the director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research regularly speaks up – most recently in cautionary terms, for example, about the risk to the existence of some industries. […]

The future for project developers is uncertain

Erfurt The heart still says yes, the head no – this is how Peter Ottmann, head of the Nürnberg Messe Group, announces the end of the large-scale project “NCC Süd”. The exhibition center should be enlarged by 2024. The operator wanted to invest a good 200 million euros. The total would have weighed twice as […]

Builders are demanding relief on real estate transfer tax

New housing development The amount of the real estate transfer tax makes buying a house significantly more expensive. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The Bauherren-Schutzbund sees the recently agreed division of broker costs for property purchases only as a first step. This is not enough for sustained relief for consumers, the consumer protection association complained on Monday […]

A rich Mexican, a palace in Madrid and a price that nobody wants to pay

05/17/2020 05:00 Advanced in “The asset is out of price and that is why it does not sell”. The former Casa-Palacio de los Marqueses de Bolaños, the only standing palace in the Salamanca district, has spent three years at the table of some of the most active real estate investors in the luxury market in […]