Living space in Freiburg is in short supply

View of Freiburg The city is considered an attractive place to live: Alsace is close at hand and there are many leisure activities. (Foto: Moment/Getty Images) Freiburg The southern Baden student city of Freiburg has always been good for surprises. From a political point of view, this was the last one: Two years ago, the first […]

Buy or rent real estate 2020? What is currently more worthwhile

New housing construction in Lower Saxony The burden of buying an apartment has remained constant in almost all cities. (Photo: dpa) Erfurt, Dusseldorf Are real estate still affordable? If you worry about your future income, you are reluctant to buy real estate. This is all the more true because purchase prices have increased significantly in […]

The longing for your own holiday home is growing

Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Athens, Rome The lockdown fires the wanderlust. The desire for carefree holidays, preferably in the safety of your own four walls, grows with the quarantine every day. But the pandemic is also fueling uncertainty. Closed borders, the fear of the deepest recession in the post-war period and the fear of a second […]

Condominium vendors are waiting

Apartment buildings in Leipzig Nationwide, the offer prices for condominiums changed little between the beginning of March and the beginning of May. In Saxony, however, they fell by ten percent. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf The Covid 19 pandemic is burdening economic life in Germany in a way that few could have imagined three months ago. The […]

Turkish real estate is in demand in the corona crisis

Istanbul The Turkish economy is suffering from the spread of the novel corona virus. The lira has clearly lost value, the industry lacks orders and the hoteliers have no guests. However, one market is experiencing an unexpected upswing: the real estate market. The demand for single-family homes has increased noticeably since the pandemic began, brokers […]

LEG Immobilien on course for growth

LEG real estate headquarters in Düsseldorf Due to the corona crisis, rental growth will be lower than previously expected. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf Thanks to higher rents and lower costs, the real estate group started the year with growth and has confirmed its forecast for 2020. In the first quarter, FFO I, which is important for […]

Prices in Frankfurt are rising rapidly

Erfurt Anyone who has let their eyes wander from the upper floors of the Frankfurt bank towers or from the observation deck of the Main Tower knows the advantages of a panoramic view of the Main, the Feldberg, the Spessart or the Odenwald. If you want, you can also secure this sight beyond working hours […]

Growing influence of international investors in the real estate market

Frankfurt When reports of rising property prices are raised, one question arises again and again: How large is the share of international investors in the market? The implied assumption: Foreign capital drives up property prices. Industry service providers record how large the share of international capital in investment flows is, but not how large is […]

Real estate boom continues – but purchase prices rise somewhat more slowly

Frankfurt The Bundesbank has long warned of exaggerations in the German real estate market. It mainly refers to the big cities. However, price dynamics weakened there last year, as the central bank states in its current monthly report. “The price upturn in residential properties in the seven major cities weakened particularly significantly,” it says. The […]

Real estate investors are looking for returns in the metropolitan area

Dusseldorf The real estate professionals call the super cycle what has been observed on the German housing market for more than a decade: demand is booming, supply remains scarce, prices and rents are rising. An ideal environment for all those who want to earn money with real estate. The only question is: can buildings still […]