China’s Henan region receives the equivalent of a year of rain in three days

The Chinese authorities begin to tally the casualties and damage after the floods in the province of Henan, the worst in memory in the Asian giant. In three days the equivalent of a year of rain fell. The evaluation work seems complicated, if not impossible, in such a vast and massively populated territory. However, the […]

CyL receives a € 32 million loan to promote SMEs and companies

The Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE) allocated 32.1 million euros in participatory loans and contributions in business capital to finance, through the Innovative Growth Plan, 167 business projects of SMEs or mid-capitalization companies (MidCaps) of the Community, with an induced investment of more than 75 million euros and the creation or maintenance of 3,264 jobs. […]

Málaga CF | Málaga receives multiple offers to cover the 8.6 million credit line

Although this formula has yet to be approved by the judge, the club is optimistic about this financing system and outlines the procedure The judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, during one of his appearances in the press room of La Rosaleda. / MÁLAGA C.F. BORJA GUTIÉRREZ Thursday, May 27, 2021, 00:20 Málaga continues to outline […]

Corvera receives the first flight from the United Kingdom in six months

Corvera has regained the connection with the UK after six months. The first Ryanair flight from Manchester that landed yesterday at the international airport has allowed the family of José Miguel Asiáin to reunite with their daughter, whom they had not seen since Christmas last year, “fourteen months ago.” While awaiting his arrival, the father, […]

America’s haunted jail that receives tourists

Market one night in a jail America may be a blueprint for travelers looking for chilling stories, abandoned buildings, and potential ghosts. Eastern State Penitentiary, located in Philadelphia and after more than 20 years in a state of neglect, it became a tourist attraction. Considered one of the most prisons gloomy from the United States, […]

Audience / Economic Cooperation: Minister Essis Esmel Emmanuel receives Moldovan businessmen

Diarra Mamadou (far left) and his delegation had fruitful discussions with Minister Essis Esmel Emmanuel (in glasses). The Honorary Consul of Moldova in Côte d’Ivoire, DIARRA Mahamadou intends to move the lines of cooperation between Moldova and Côte d’Ivoire. Barely appointed, that under his leadership a delegation of businessmen from Moldova has been staying in […]