Public employees are demanding more money and recognition

The Verdi union is demanding, among other things, an increase in incomes of 4.8 percent for employees of the city administration and public service providers. “We are worth it,” emphasized the strikers, and that could be read everywhere during the one-day Marburg warning strike. Before the rally, according to Verdi, almost 100 strikers gathered for […]

North Rhine-Westphalia: Laschet: Result also recognition for way during pandemic

Sunday 13th September 2020 Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) – The North Rhine-Westphalian CDU chairman and prime minister Armin Laschet has described his party’s victory in the NRW local elections as recognition for the “path of moderation and middle in the pandemic”. Laschet said on Sunday evening in Düsseldorf that this path “was right, is right […]

Bogota school will receive important recognition from Microsoft – Education – Life

In the coming days, Colegio Andino will receive recognition as a ‘Show Case School’ by Microsoft, becoming the second school in Colombia to obtain this award that recognizes its good educational practices, a select group to which only 40 institutions in South America belong 40 and 1,000 worldwide. This recognition will be granted thanks to […]

Laguna del Laja National Park receives recognition for promoting universal accessibility

Photography: Conaf Biobío. The administrator of the Laguna del Laja National Park, Miguel Infante, was one of the five nationally awarded park rangers for his outstanding work in the promoting universal accessibility and inclusion within this protected wilderness area, managed by the National Forestry Corporation, Conaf. This recognition was released during the celebration of the […]

More foreign professional qualifications recognized – especially in the healthcare sector

In Saxony, more foreign professional qualifications were recognized as equivalent to a German qualification last year than in 2018. This was announced by the State Statistical Office in Kamenz. In 2019 there were 1,570 applications for recognition. 521 qualifications obtained abroad were recognized as being fully equivalent to a qualification obtained in Germany. In 2018 […]

Recognition and active staff development for employee loyalty

Even before the corona pandemic began, many companies were suffering from an acute shortage of skilled workers. On this point, too, the crisis has brought no relief. This is particularly true of medium-sized companies – including some hidden champions – that have their locations and production facilities in rural regions far away from the cities […]

Which is more important: social recognition or money?

February 16, 2020 08:20 Dennis L. Behavioral researchers have shown in a large social experiment that if a lie could harm their status, most people would rather forego financial benefits. Bonn (Germany). What is more important to people: money or social prestige? Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn […]

Comment: Finally give more recognition to nursing!

It’s not just about respect and better pay. In the Corona crisis, a look at the history book shows how the grievances in care can be overcome. Florence Nightingale was a legend even in her lifetime. The British woman, who owes her name, which sounds like something out of a novel, to her native city […]

Vocation of service – Recognition of Medicine and Nursing students

At the meeting, held this morning in the Héroes de Malvinas room, the community chief thanked them for their daily commitment, their vocation of service and the courage to accompany the community in the context of the pandemic. The activity of this group of volunteers, from the South National University, focuses on the Villa Miter […]

Trotta highlighted the teacher bonus: It is a recognition for the enormous effort

The sum will be paid in four equal monthly and consecutive installments of 1,210 pesos each, and the first will correspond to July, the Ministry of Education reported. They will be effective in August, September, October and November 2020, together with the payment of FONID ($ 1,210) and didactic material ($ 210), it was indicated. […]