Art to reduce the consumption of plastics at the Poeta Villangómez school in Ibiza

The Ibiza Town Hall has participated in a CEIP Poeta Villangómez project aimed at changing the consumption habits of plastics. The activity, which has been carried out with Infant and Primary students during this school year, ended yesterday with the presentation of a work by the students and the local artist Vanesa de Moutas. “We […]

Aragon will have a specific plan in six months to reduce diffuse emissions by 40% by 2030

The Government of Aragon has undertaken to prepare within six months a specific plan for the application of measures that contribute to achieving an “ambitious objective”: that diffuse emissions have been reduced by 40% in 2030. In addition, it will prepare a catalog of good practices so that “citizens understand that combating diffuse emissions and […]

Medicine endorses ‘forest baths’ to reduce anxiety

Since the rural exodus began in Spain and we massively abandoned our place in the countryside to inhabit the cities, human beings have progressively disconnected from nature. We are no longer attached to that part of our existence and now research has come to show that, beyond good views, contact with nature and the forest […]

Foods for Muscle Recovery after Exercise, Help Relieve Muscle Pain

sports illustration. – Returning to an exercise routine can have an effect on your muscles. It’s normal to have sore muscles after a hard workout, or when you return to training after a long break from an exercise routine. The muscle pain you feel is a sign that you are pushing the muscle […]