Scariolo needs to reflect on his renewal as coach

Italian coach Sergio Scariolo, Spanish coach and assistant coach in the NBA Toronto Raptors, showed himself “very thankful” to the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) for their interest in renewing the contract and he indicated that he hopes that “everything can fit together in order to continue.” “I am very grateful to the Federation for their […]

Photos: The best scientific images of the year | Science

7 photos The Higher Council for Scientific Research and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology have chosen seven photographs that reflect phenomena that surround us such as the anatomy of seahorses, the presence of plastics in the food chain or sustainable agricultural practices. This is the 17th edition of ‘Fotciencia’, a project that aims […]

How is the new minimum wage applied in 2020? | My rights

The Government and social agents have agreed to increase the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) by 5.5%. Consequently, the monthly salary of Spanish workers with a workday of 40 hours per week goes from 900 to 950 euros, divided into 14 payments. Or, what is the same, they can claim a minimum salary of 31.66 euros […]

Little sex, many prejudices | Madrid

There isn’t. There is literature, politics, motherhood, feminism, machismo, fascism, diversity, language, migration, racism, love, family, economy, truth, but there is no sex. Well, barely. Here is an irresoluble exclamation more than twenty-one centuries ago: “What madness I fall in love with you.” And yet it happens every day. It happened to Gabriela, Rocío and […]

How to measure the economy more fairly | Economy

A new world emerges inexorably. While the old man resists disappearing. The idea of ​​growth at all costs that characterizes the current economic model is being questioned both by the scientific community, as well as by multilateral organizations and some governments. The Great Recession left behind a trail of inequality that the increase in subsequent […]