Marta Snchez’s reflection on her Spanish Anthem

Marta SánchezIt is one of our great stars and has had great themes for more than two decades. The Spanish pop diva has hits that we are still singing. Who does not remember ‘Sola’, ‘Soldiers of love’, etc, etc? Martísima Sánchez has always been characterized bynot go unnoticedand have a large legion of followers and […]

Events in Black Life in Schools Boston

The Black Lives Matter initiative in Boston Public Schools gave an angry response from the city’s police union leader, but the teachers’ union stands firmly with the support of the mayor’s office and others. Michael Leary, President of the Boston Police Patrol Society, launched a letter on Monday Boston Teachers Union Monday asking the group […]

Sculptural reflection

TAKING as inspiration the traditional wicker mirrors, this flower-shaped piece is made of fine gold-plated iron rods, a tone that constitutes one of the great decoration trends of this season. If the use of a mirror is already a very effective resource to enhance a wall and make a space gain in luminosity, the impact […]