In this Georgian bar you have to prove that you are anti-Putin

news hour Russians are not welcome in bar Dedaena in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. At least, not before filling out a form devised by the owner. Russian guests must sign a document stating that they have not voted for President Vladimir Putin, that they condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine and that they see Crimea as […]

Criminals break into furniture warehouses for Ukraine refugees

Oct 17, 2022 @ 6:58pm vandalism : Krefeld: After burglaries, the aid project for Ukraine refugees is about to end Pamela Theveßen (left) and Birte Götte visited the camp on Monday, where furniture for needy refugees is kept. Photos: Andreas Bishop Photo: Andreas Bishop Krefeld Two women have been providing furniture to many families on […]

No more danger from the bomb

Ggood evening, Manfred Köhler Head of department of the Rhein-Main editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. the bomb at the Katharinenkreisel in Frankfurt has been defused. In the end everything seemed routine, the evacuation of the neighborhood, the traffic regulations, the work on the dud. But it’s not routine. Abrupt change of subject. The […]

Houses, but no money for the time being (

Feeding refugees is also a logistical challenge, as here in a new accommodation for Ukrainians from the Harz district in the former Güntersberge recreation center. Photo: dpa/Matthias Leg It was about “fair burden sharing” between the federal, state and local governments in the accommodation and care of refugees who came to Germany this year, mainly […]