Refund Expedition

The celebrity identity that Kim Jong-min, who was always bright, said he was more scary than the’Refund Expedition’

Kim Jong-min, a member of the group Koyo-tae, revealed that Shinji was more scared than the refund expedition. Below MBC every1’Video Star’ MBC every1’Video Star’ aired on the 27th was’Bang Corner Dinner Show! Tuesday, Tuesday is fun’ special feature, Chae Rina, Ko Yo-tae, and Cheon Myung-hoon appeared as guests. On this day, Shinji released the … Read more

The words of the choreographer of the Refund Expedition to a bad comment saying, “It’s really tacky… is that the best?”

After the first stage of the group’s refund expedition, the choreographer Aiki is being criticized. Aiki Instagram On the 17th, the group refund expedition consisting of Eom Jung-hwa, Lee Hyo-ri, Jesse, and Hwasa was members of the MBC’Show! Through’Music Focus’, the first debut stage was finished with the new song’Don’t Touch Me’. MBC’ show! Music … Read more

“100% Refund” Just debuted, but the concept is at the level of a girl group

The project group’Refund Expedition’ debut album event attracted attention. Below MBC’What do you do when you play?’ From the 17th, MBC’What do you do when you play?’ The side started pre-orders for 7-inch LP for the debut album of’Refund Expedition’. All sales proceeds will be used for donations. On the LP, the debut song of … Read more

“Our moments where all feelings intersect”: Eom Jung-hwa embraced Lee Hyori and tears after the debut stage of’Refund Expedition’ (Video)

While the Refund Expedition unveiled the debut stage of the new song’Money Touch Me’ at MBC’Music Center’ on the 17th, the appearance of the members after the stage was revealed. On the 18th, Eom Jung-hwa, who is active as a refund expedition,’Man-ok’, posted a photo on social media on the 18th, saying, “Cheon-ok, I spent … Read more