Iva Janžurová (79): 80th birthday I will not celebrate …

Just no crowd congratulations and cheers. That’s not one of our best comedians at all. “As someone wants a private funeral, I want private logs,” she told the daily Aha! actress. Iva Janžurová: I always hold on to my colleagues! And any shooting? “Daughter Theodora said that, but I’m not happy about it. He has […]

The nurses refused to put on their veils on the plane. They were fined heavily

Police reported the case on Monday, but resolved the incident at the airport on Friday last week. The 37-year-old twins from Hungary did not have veils on board the plane bound from Budapest to Munich, even though it is mandatory across Europe. “Although women have been warned several times by air personnel that they must […]

Ryanair to close its Frankfurt base after pilots refuse to cut wages

Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 11:33 a.m. By Sudinfo with AFP The Irish airline Ryanair announced the closure in the autumn of its base in Frankfurt in Germany, and others are expected to follow in the country, after the pilots refuse to agree to a cut in wages. Ryanair, which is leading a […]

Meghan and Harry in shock: this definitely didn’t count!

The request of Meghan and Harry the trademark of their new charitable organization Archewell was rejected. According to the web site of the Daily Mail, the spouses signed the documents and paid all required fees. The paperwork, which was submitted to the 3. march the american office for patents and trademarks (USPTO), has been identified […]