This is what you can do in Mallorca when the weather is bad

When the sun isn’t shining on Mallorca, the days can get long. If the beach is “closed” due to bad weather, there are still plenty of opportunities to keep yourself and the children busy all day. MM has put together some tips from a wide variety of areas. sports and fun You can really let […]

Weather for Munich and Bavaria: Black ice and a cloudy sky

München – Sunday will be foggy, even if a few rays of sunshine make their way during the course of the day. During the night of Monday, the temperatures will drop below freezing in some places, so there is a risk of ice on Bavaria’s roads. The German weather service warns drivers to be careful. […]

Flood: More deaths in dangerous storms in Australia – Panorama

Australia is struggling with heavy rains and flooding, like here in Echuca. Foto: Brendan McCarthy/AAP/dpa The number of people dying because of the violent storms is increasing. Evacuation instructions apply because the levels could continue to rise. Adelaide – Two more people died in severe storms and floods in south-east Australia. On Saturday, a 29-year-old […]

Weather in Cologne/Region: Nice autumn weather in North Rhine-Westphalia

Essen – Friendly autumn weather in North Rhine-Westphalia In the middle of the week, people in North Rhine-Westphalia can expect friendly autumn weather. The German Weather Service (DWD) in Essen announced that Wednesday would be cloudy and mostly dry. Highs between 16 and 19 degrees In some places the sun can shine for several hours. […]

At least 90 dead in storms in Brazil

The death toll from heavy rain and landslides in northeastern Brazil has risen to at least 91. Another 26 people are missing in the state of Pernambuco, civil defense announced on Twitter on Monday. According to this, around 5,000 people were also looking for protection in reception centers, and 14 communities around the port city […]

Storm Cologne: Schools closed, daycare centers remain open

Köln – Heavy thunderstorms swept over Cologne on Friday afternoon – combined with heavy rain, hail and heavy, sometimes hurricane-force gusts. Schools in Cologne have been closed since 11.30 a.m. – daycare centers are open The schools in Cologne have been closed since 11.30 a.m., the Cologne district government ordered this in the morning. This […]

Australia: Floods in Sydney again – panorama

Waterfalls make their way through windows, gardens and houses, cars are swept away in the middle of Sydney. Where there were pedestrian zones and streets, motor boats are now driving, and the water is meters high in some places. The flood of the century in eastern Australia has now hit one of the largest cities […]

DB’s storm record: more than 600 kilometers of railway tracks damaged | Regional

Düsseldorf – The severe weather disaster in Germany also caused serious damage to the railways. Travelers and commuters will have to be prepared for restrictions in the next few days. According to an initial picture of the situation, there was “massive damage” in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate at 80 stations and stops as well as […]