“Doll” turns out to be a corpse

During an apartment clearance in Darmstadt, a supposed doll was found, which later turned out to be a corpse. The public prosecutor’s office is currently not assuming a violent crime. Actually, the freight forwarders only wanted to clear out an apartment – and involuntarily became corpse carriers: When clearing an apartment in Darmstadt, a freight […]

SUV driver rolled over several times on the A9

On the Autobahn towards Berlin, an SUV driver crashed into the rear of a truck, was thrown out of his car and then run over by several following cars. An SUV driver was killed in a serious accident on the A9 between Leipzig and Berlin on Wednesday evening. He was on his way towards the […]

Doctor flies up with a curious corona scam during an inspection

A doctor with a fake vaccination card was found at Munich Airport. Through invented data and contradictory statements, the woman became more and more entangled in untruths. A doctor from Austria attracted attention at Munich Airport with a curious attempt to cheat her way through the corona vaccination card controls. The doctor had a whole […]

S-Bahn accident with 30 injured and dead – replacement service

18 people were injured in an S-Bahn accident in Schäftlarn near Munich. A passenger died. The background of the accident is unclear. Photo series with 10 pictures A passenger died in a collision between two S-Bahn trains near Munich and 18 others were injured. The two trains on the S7 line collided head-on on Monday […]

Thousands of doctors are on strike – because of 65 million hours of overtime

Thousands of doctors across Germany have stopped working and numerous surgeries have to be postponed. At a rally of the doctors’ union, frustration boils over. Many medical professionals are completely overworked – and angry. In many municipal hospitals, doctors took part in a nationwide warning strike by the Marburger Bund this Thursday. The doctors’ union […]

Activists tape themselves to road on Earth Day – traffic is paralyzed

On “Earth Day” there were further protest actions for sustainable transport policy. In Frankfurt, the “Last Generation” blocked a busy road and caused a traffic jam. Climate activists have continued their protests in Frankfurt am Main. On Friday morning they blocked the Untermain Bridge and paralyzed traffic there for almost an hour. According to the […]

Police are looking for missing mother

Where is Kymet Caliskan? The 48-year-old from Offenbach has been missing since the end of March. The Kripo Offenbach is now hoping for information from the population. 48-year-old Kiymet Caliskan from Offenbach has been missing since the end of March. As the police announced, the wanted person left a hotel room on Marienstrasse on March […]

Refugees travel for free on buses and trains

In Bremen, people who have fled Ukraine are allowed to use public transport for free. Bremen thus joins several German federal states. Refugees from the Ukraine can use regional trains and many buses in Lower Saxony free of charge. This was announced by several transport companies on Wednesday. Your passport or another Ukrainian identity document […]

Düsseldorf Airport warned of delays – mitigation successful

The airport had warned of delays because of a bomb disposal in Neuss. The World War II bomb was then successfully defused late in the evening. Anyone who wanted to pick up passengers from the airport in Düsseldorf on Wednesday evening had to expect delays: Due to the defusing of a World War II bomb […]

15-year-old is still missing

Where is Jennifer My Uyen Ngo Duc? The police are asking and are still hoping for information from the population. She has been missing since Monday afternoon. “There is still no news about the missing 15-year-old. Unfortunately, we have not received any information from the population either,” said a police spokesman when asked by t-online. […]