This is how the Easter marches in Nuremberg went

Several Easter marches took place in Nuremberg on Monday. Around 1,000 people demonstrated for peace. The “lateral thinker” scene also tried to use this. On Monday there were several Easter marches in downtown Nuremberg. The police headquarters in Central Franconia speaks of a “completely peaceful and trouble-free” demonstration with around 1,000 participants. The trains started […]

Sahara dust turns sky yellow – “blood rain” expected

Sahara dust is currently coloring the sky over Munich yellow – and is said to bring “blood rain” with it. According to experts, however, the dramatic weather conditions are nothing unusual at this time. Southwest winds carry dust from the Sahara to Lower and Upper Bavaria – and give the sky a yellowish tinge. A […]

Police drive man to vital operation in Munich

The police probably saved the life of a 54-year-old with a trip to Munich on Sunday: the officers drove the man to a vital operation in the state capital. Special patient transport to Munich: A donor organ was ready for a man from Brannenburg in the Rosenheim district on Sunday in a clinic in Munich, […]

The criminal past of the Remmo clan

When news of the diamond coup from the Green Vault reached Berlin, many observers thought: members of a certain clan in particular are so brazen. Six of them are now on trial. Remmo, a notorious surname in the capital. The Berlin extended family has been at odds with the authorities for decades. Members of the […]

Search in Offenbach: 15-year-old missing since Monday

Where is Jennifer My Uyen Ngo Duc? The police are asking and are hoping for tips from the public. She has been missing since Monday afternoon. Who saw this young woman? 15-year-old Jennifer My Uyen Ngo Duc from Offenbach has been missing since Monday afternoon. According to the police, she left her apartment on Buchrainweg […]

“Some families are about survival”

More than 3,000 people go to the table in Offenbach every week. Now Ukrainian refugees are also arriving, but the food bank has less and less food. A disaster is imminent. Lisa is standing in front of the Offenbacher Tafel. On the southern edge of town. In the middle of a large block of flats. […]

Ekaterina B. found dead in suitcase

After four weeks of searching, the sad certainty: Ekaterina B. from Bremerhaven-Wulsdorf is dead. The police speak of a criminal offense. Her husband is suspected. He is in custody. The young mother from Bremerhaven, which even “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved” had searched for, is no longer alive. “At the end of the extensive search and […]

City issues parking tickets for refugee Ukrainians

In Bonn, parked cars of Ukrainians without a resident’s parking permit or environmental badge apparently get tickets from the public order office. An approach that has been criticized. If you want to drive into Bonn, you need an environmental sticker, if you want to park in certain areas, you need a resident parking permit. With […]

Deputy hardware store manager raped intern – more than three years in prison

The Bonn regional court has sentenced a deputy manager of a hardware store in the Euskirchen district to three years and three months in prison for raping an intern. The employee denied the crime until the end. A 34-year-old deputy store manager of a hardware store in the Euskirchen district was sentenced to three years […]