Shed and Vessel: A Visit to Hudson Yards in New York

ET’s not proper, it’s basically crude to find the Hudson Yards in New York cool or even acceptable. The Hudson Yards – that’s an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout eleven hectares on the west side of Manhattan, not far from Penn Station, where there was actually nothing until yesterday. To be more precise, there were Long Island … Read more

Steinmeier pays tribute to Karsten Bonack: Hero of the Reichstag

AWhen several hundred demonstrators overcome barriers in front of the Reichstag building and storm the stairs to the seat of the German Bundestag on Saturday, only three police officers initially manage to run after them quickly and stand in front of them to prevent them from entering. One of them is Karsten Bonack. He stands … Read more

Berlin: BILD comment after the demo debacle in front of the Reichstag – domestic politics

My grandmother always had a saying ready for every situation in life. One of them was: “If you screw up, you have to answer for it too.” A lot of “crap” happened in Berlin last weekend! The Corona demo announced for Saturday was first overturned – then allowed again. That is the case in the … Read more