The public hospital still penalized by deprogramming

The establishments show a decrease of 260,000 stays in the first semester, compared to the beginning of 2019. The pressure of the pandemic is coming down on public hospitals (except overseas, still in a state of crisis). But the situation remains tense in health establishments, with two major subjects in this return. On the one […]

France will have received 13.6 billion from Europe by early 2022

France will be able to use these funds as part of its national post-Covid plan launched at the start of the year. After receiving 5.1 billion euros from the European Union a few days ago, France will ask this autumn for a new payment of 8.5 billion, under the joint Next Generation EU recovery plan. […]

Tsar Nicholas I slows down industrialization of Russia for fear of workers’ revolts

THE BIG ECONOMIC MISTAKES (3/5) – His heirs will launch economic reforms, without managing to coordinate them with political openness. With the best faith in the world, political leaders regularly make decisions that prove catastrophic for their country. Overview of these major historical errors. Describing the economy of his country, in 1908, Lenin judges that […]

After the Dubai Expo, the France Pavilion will move to Toulouse

The Cnes has bought the glazed building of the Universal Exhibition, which will open on October 1, 2021. This is a first in the secular history of the Universal Exhibitions. The French Pavilion, which will welcome tourists from all over the world from 1is October 2021 to March 31, 2022 in Dubai (postponed for one […]

How Dijon investors lost 40 million euros in cryptocurrency

Dozens of families and friends from the Dijon region have recommended a local bitcoin investment fund … before seeing their investments evaporate. Story. When we talk about digital currency scams, we easily imagine hackers holed up behind their screens on the other side of the world. But in the RR Crypto affair, everything took place […]

The German right defies France on budgetary austerity in Europe

In its electoral program, the CDU / CSU pleads for a return to the strict criteria of the stability pact. To the great satisfaction of Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel had accepted in the spring of 2020 that Europe should go into debt to finance a community recovery plan. His probable successor in the chancellery, Armin […]

China, the leading investor abroad

In 2020, cross-border investment flows fell by 35%, according to Unctad. In 2020, China is the country that has performed the best in terms of international investment. Foreign direct investments (FDI), made by a company in the direction of a foreign company, amounted to 1 trillion dollars in 2020. Down 35% compared to 2019, they […]

employees refusing vaccination may be placed on unpaid leave

In regions where vaccination is required, the suspension of employees would last for the duration of the validity of the compulsory vaccination decree. Employees refusing vaccination against Covid-19 in regions where it is mandatory may be put on unpaid leave, announced the Russian Minister of Labor against the backdrop of a galloping epidemic and a […]

Ways to reform regional health agencies

A report wants to learn the lessons of the crisis and reorganize these structures perceived as “mastodons”. At the heart of the cyclone during the health crisis, the regional health agencies (ARS) and their 8,000 agents, perceived as “Administrative juggernautsHave found themselves under fire from critics. Some local elected officials and health professionals claiming outright […]