New corona drug to alleviate the course of the disease | Current world | DW

It may be an important step in the fight against the corona pandemic: The drug molnupiravir is intended to halve the risk of hospitalization or fatal disease in infected patients. This was announced by the US pharmaceutical company Merck, which developed the drug together with its partner Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. Now the corporations want to apply […]

Korean researchers discover ‘200-fold effect of remdesivir’ for COVID-19 treatment

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology devises ‘virtual drug screening’ technology to find effective substances for COVID-19 among existing drugsToxicity was discovered during animal testing, and clinical trials are planned to find the optimal dosage. [아시아경제 김봉수 기자] A Korean research team has devised a new technique to quickly find substances that are effective […]

Scientists hope to have anti-covid drugs by 2022

Antivirals for oral use, inhalation and serums are some of the options in tests Photo: iStock With vaccination still far from immunizing the majority of the world’s population against the covid-19, pharmaceutical laboratories already test on human beings drugs that promise effective treatment against the disease. the international giants Pfizer, MSD e Roche are the […]

WHO to study efficacy of drugs against inflammation caused by covid

The WHO (World Health Organization) has announced the return of a program to test potential drugs for covid-19. The goal is to find drugs capable of mitigating the violent responses of the immune system due to the disease. The information was released by the scientific journal Nature, on the 7th of May. The study, called […]

Remdesivir is officially declared the first drug for Covid-19 in the US

ILLUSTRATION. The US Food and Drug Administration approved remdesivir produced by Gilead Sciences Inc as a drug to treat Covid-19 patients who are hospitalized. Gilead Sciences Inc / Handout via REUTERS Source: Reuters | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie KONTAN.CO.ID – WASHINGTON. The US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday (10/22/2020) approved Gilead Sciences Inc’s remdesivir […]

Covid-19: Remdesivir has “little or no effect” on mortality (study)

The antiviral drug Remdesivir, considered one of the most promising treatments for Covid-19, is not effective in preventing the death of patients, according to a study conducted with the support of the WHO. The drug “seems to have little or no effect on patients hospitalized for Covid-19, if we are to believe the mortality rates, […]

Coronavirus: Remdesivir Does Not Shorten Healing Times, WHO Says

In Cairo, Egypt. Remdesivir, the experimental antiviral from the US laboratory Gilead, has little or no effect on the length of hospital stay of patients with COVID-19 or on their chances of survival, according to the results of a study. clinical study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO). / Photo taken on June 25, […]