Russia: those inhabitants who feel disillusioned with politics (4/4)

Published on : 16/09/2021 – 01:33 D-1 before the opening of polling stations in Russia for three days. A very locked ballot to designate deputies. Confidence in politics in the country has never been high, but particularly many today are disillusioned and refuse to go to the polls. From our correspondent in Moscow, Glasses of […]

Afghanistan: the consequences of the Taliban victory for Southeast Asia

Published on : 06/09/2021 – 00:32 In Southeast Asia, the impact of the Taliban victory takes a worrying turn. Used to boost the morale of certain jihadist groups, the Taliban model also seems to strengthen their motivation to establish a caliphate. From our correspondent in Kuala Lumpur, When the young Nasir Abas was sent to […]