Pompeo declared the need for dialogue with Russia :: Politics :: RBC

Mike Pompeo (Фото: Liu Jie / Xinhua / Global Look Press) Washington should more often interact with Moscow. This was announced by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a briefing on Wednesday in response to a question about the advisability of inviting Russia to the upcoming G7 summit. “I really consider it important that we […]

Courts suspend seven evictions every day in Barcelona | Catalonia

The courts of Barcelona are increasingly forced to postpone the evictions they order. Last year they issued 2,560 suspensions, which is an average of seven each day. The difficulty of social services to provide alternatives to vulnerable families, the lack of police presence and, in particular, the pressure of citizens on the street are explaining […]

FIFA 20: The pioneers of virtual football | It’s LaLiga in EL PAÍS

Laura Moreno walks the dog every day in the same park in Fuengirola (Málaga), a routine that until recently met anonymously, with discretion. For the parishioners in the bar opposite it was just the dog girl. Until they discovered their alias on the Internet: LauriXGames, the first professional Spanish player from FIFA, the most popular […]

5,000-hour tickets: time as a currency in the art world | Babelia

“I wasted time, now time wastes me,” laments Ricardo II in his cell in Pomfret. “My thoughts are minutes, and with sighs they shake / quadrants, and put them before my eyes.” In his extraordinary soliloquy before he was killed (when he has already recited that of “how difficult it is for a camel to […]

Federation-led rebellion on sports law | sports

Catalan sport is divided between supporters and detractors of the new sport law that is forged in Parliament after the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia (UFEC) pushed for a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) and agreed with the government. Opponents have joined a new platform, Esport Som Tots, and threaten mobs if the new law […]