Savills takes over Hermes dispatch center near Nuremberg

19. June 2020, 11:24 Real Estate | Real assets The real estate investment manager Savills Investment Management (Savills IM) took over the logistics complex in Ansbach in the greater Nuremberg area that was acquired in the course of a forward deal last year for one of its funds. The property is used by Hermes mail […]

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After long back and forth in the grand coalition, the Bundestag decided on the basic pension. But what does it mean for pensioners? The most important points of the law at a glance. The Bundestag has decided on the basic pension. It is intended to “strengthen trust in the basic promise of the welfare state […]

Real estate jewels: Smaller university cities attractive for investors

April 21, 2020, 12:08 Not only metropolises such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, but above all also smaller university cities are reporting growing student numbers. Housing in large cities is becoming increasingly expensive and students have to switch to smaller cities. The question that concerns many prospective buyers and investors: Is it worth buying property […]

CDU workers wing warns of blockade of basic pension

Carsten Linnemann The Union faction vice sees the basic pension proposal of finance minister Scholz as ineligible. (Photo: dpa) Berlin In the debate about the basic pension, the CDU workers’ wing criticizes its own party colleagues. “It cannot be that the Union’s middle class politicians are constantly torpedoing the decisions taken,” Alexander Krauss, Vice-President of […]

Salvation’s basic pension is still on the brink

The MPs from the CDU and CSU see a number of unanswered questions regarding the new social benefit, which is supposed to improve long-term low-wages in old age. You criticize: In the current form, the basic pension can neither be technically implemented nor paid. In view of the impending budget gaps in the corona crisis, […]

Company pension: Federal government wants to close the protection gap

German Bundestag Legislators want to do more to protect occupational pensions. (Photo: imago images / imagebroker) Berlin The Federal Government wants to better secure benefits from the company pension in the future. If an employer becomes insolvent, the Pensions-Sicherheit-Verein (PSV) should, under certain conditions, take over the payment of the company pension that the employer […]

Riester pension: Even the self-employed should benefit

Riester contracts When it comes to the Union, some changes to the state-sponsored pension product will soon come into force. (Photo: dpa) Berlin In a joint position paper, the Christian Democratic working groups on finance, work and social affairs made suggestions as to how the Riester pension and the company pension scheme can be made […]

ETFs: These nine index funds benefit from the corona crisis

When the Corona crisis is over, some sectors will no longer be able to continue their heyday, others will experience a new boom. Investors do not necessarily have to look for individual profiteers, they can put entire winning industries in the form of a fund. Exchange-traded index funds, so-called ETFs, enable a particularly cost-effective entry. […]

Pensioners must share in the costs

Elderly couple in the spa park Because of wage developments in recent years, pensions will increase. (Photo: dpa) The global measures to limit the corona pandemic are currently plunging the German economy into a deep recession. In addition, the federal government’s rescue packages and spending programs tear huge holes in the state treasury. Even if […]

Entitlements: The disadvantage in maintenance law

Women who divorced between 1977 and 2009 can benefit in particular. Picture: Picture Alliance The right to maintenance disadvantages the partner, who takes care of the children and has a shorter career. However, the distribution of pension and pension rights has been fairer since 2009. AIn the beginning the sky is full of violins. A […]