Green pensions are making headway

GLarge institutional investors such as insurers and pension funds are well suited to finance the energy transition and the expansion of the broadband network with borrowed capital. The industry itself sees it that way after a recent hour by the analysis company Zielke Research and the Hamburg Commercial Bank. But because of their business model, […]

Telephone campaign for retirement: mistakes in retirement provision go into the money – economy

Building up long-term, secure old-age provision requires intensive advice – if possible, not just from one place. Photo: Dietl Five experts from Deutsche Rentenversicherung, the consumer advice center Baden-W├╝rttemberg and the Chamber of Tax Advisors answered many questions about old-age provision during a telephone campaign from our newspaper. There are many ways to get […]

Retirement provision with real estate: The (hidden) costs

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and loans seem cheaper than ever before. But that is easy to deceive. Many underestimate the real cost of a home loan. They can easily run over several decades a third or even half of the loan volume sum up. How expensive a loan is on the bottom […]

Online retirement account does not satisfy experts for a long time | Insurance | 06/11/2021

The countdown is on: In around one and a half years, the “digital pension overview” should show all German citizens at a glance what pension entitlements they have from statutory, company and private pension schemes (FONDS professionell ONLINE reported). But the criticism of the project continues: The new portal will improve the citizens’ overview of […]

Those are the advantages and disadvantages

Anyone who wants to buy or build a property can involve the state in it. That works with Wohn-Riester. But this so-called home rent is not suitable for everyone. Most people are familiar with the classic Riester pension insurance: You build up a supplementary pension and the state supports you with it. Instead of a […]

If you want to maintain your standard of living, you have four options

Millions of Germans hardly know how to use what they earn today to prevent poverty in old age. That needs to change. Saving, investing and investing are urgently needed. It has long been clear that most people in Germany will not be able to finance their standard of living in old age from the statutory […]

Announcement date after corona lawsuit against insurance

October 1, 2020, 8:09 am After a wave of corona lawsuits from innkeepers against their insurance, the Munich district court is expected to announce a first decision in one of the proceedings on Thursday. The plaintiff in the case to be decided is the host of the Augustinerkeller. It concerns the lawsuit of a prominent […]

BSV: Innkeeper wins Corona million lawsuit against insurance

October 1, 2020, 11:35 am After a nationwide wave of Corona lawsuits against insurers unwilling to pay, the Munich district court awarded a complainant innkeeper the required amount of millions for the first time. The insurers want to revise the terms and conditions in the contracts by the end of the year and now make […]

Real estate retirement: sell without moving out – financial news on Cash.Online

24. September 2020, 06:31 If the money is not enough in old age, but a property is available and certain requirements are met, there are several ways to supplement your pension without selling your own four walls straight away. The experts at the full-service real estate service provider McMakler present several of these models. Annuity […]