Stopped in Salerno 3 tanks headed to Ukraine – Campania

Altolà della Polstrada, the trailer papers were not in order. Defense: They were headed to Germany for a drill Three Pzh 2000 tanks headed for Ukraine, and coming from the military base of Persano (Salerno), were stopped by the Naples Traffic Police at the Mercato San Severino tollbooth of the […]

Prostate examination phobia: keys to disassemble it

DANIEL CRESPO 75% avoid it due to digital rectal examination For women, the annual gynecological examination is something that does not admit discussion or excuses. In fact, 80% keep this appointment religiously. But men do not take such good care of ‘their own’: only 40% of men over 45 years of age go to the […]

WhatsApp Beta UWP Gets Two Useful New Features On Windows 11 Skills Point |

WhatsApp Beta UWP gets two useful new features on Windows 11 Last year, Facebook introduced the Desktop application WhatsApp beta UWP on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Along with a new look, WhatsApp beta UWP comes with a range of exciting new features. A new update for the beta is now available in the Microsoft […]

Ex-Chairman of IDI on PDSI Discourse Reduces Medical School Fees: Very Possible – The Indonesian Doctors Association (PDSI) is pushing for the revision of Law (UU) Number 20 of 2013 concerning Medical Education. The purpose of this revision is to reduce medical school costs. Former Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI), Daeng M Faqih responded to this. According to him, […]

Again appeal in the Leon case

March 27, 2022 at 2:08 p.m Boy from Grevenbroich died of thirst in a cot : Again appeal in the Leon case The defendant holds a folder in front of his face in the courtroom. (archive photo) Photo: Marc Pesch / map Grevenbroich Appeals have been lodged against the sentence of six and a half […]

faithful resurgence of an uncompromising classic ⋆ RD Virtual

What is your position in separating art from artist? You may have pondered this when considering whether to watch a Roman Polanski movie or listen to a Michael Jackson album, and God knows that art history would indeed be impoverished if we stripped it of all its monsters. There is never an easy answer. In […]