Volunteers Ask Megawati to Give Ganjar’s Blessing to Be Presidential Candidate in 2024

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Two groups of Ganjar volunteers asked the Chairperson of PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri give blessing to the Governor of Central Java Pranowo reward to run as a presidential candidate (candidate) 2024. The National Youth Volunteers for the Declaration of Ganjar Pranowo (Swordsman) and the Barisan Ibus Supporting Ganjar (Binar) want Ganjar to […]

Regardless of PDI-P’s Sanctions, Volunteer Support Gets More Burning

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Thousands of people who are members of various supporting volunteer organizations Pranowo reward as presidential candidate 2024 presidential election Crowds gathered at the Proclamation Monument, Central Jakarta, Friday (28/10) afternoon. They were present at the event entitled ‘Volunteer Oath to Support Total Ganjar Pranowo’. Various attributes ranging from banners, flags to […]

The Presidential Candidate Line Named Rumah Ganjar

Jakarta – Ganjar Pranowo seems to be getting serious about running for the presidential candidate to welcome the 2024 General Election. In fact, as many as 18 volunteers are now joining one forum and one place called Rumah Ganjar. The Ganjar volunteers were assigned to build narratives and propaganda strategies to fight opinions against other […]