Ripple has requested data on the operations of SEC employees with cryptocurrencies

Ripple has filed a petition to disclose information about the transactions of employees of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP tokens. This was announced by attorney James Filan. #XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Ripple defendants file Motion to Compel the SEC to produce documents showing whether SEC employees were […]

Whoops! All Battered Crypto, Ripple-Dogecoin Congratulations

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Crypto currency prices (cryptocurrency) returned to various movements in trading Thursday (24/6/2021) morning Indonesian time, along with the lack of positive catalysts that could encourage the crypto market to get excited again. Based on data from CoinMarketCap at 09:00 WIB, the price movement of the seven cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalization […]

Amsyong! Pressed by China & US, Crypto Market Crash Again

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency) fell again in trading on Wednesday (9/6/2021) morning Indonesian time, continuing the weakening that was formed again in trading Tuesday (8/6/2021) yesterday. Based on data from Investing At 09:00 WIB, Bitcoin price fell 3.59% to US$ 32,564.40/coin or equivalent to Rp 464,258,085/coin, Ethereum fell 6.83% to US$ 2,429.65/coin (Rp […]

Crypto Crash! Bitcoin Price Drops Over 40% This Month

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Crypto currency experiencing crash again in May, just weeks after setting an all-time high. In the previous 2 weeks, the price of bitcoin cs plunged insanely, while this week it was more stable although still not separated from the downward trend. On trading Sunday (30/5/2021), the price of bitcoin fell 4.23% […]

This is the difference between stock and crypto investments, so which one to choose?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Crypto assets are currently on the rise, many retail investors are starting to dabble in trading this digital currency. There is even an assumption that many retail stock investors have moved to crypto trading. Trading data on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) does show that the current stock movement is still […]

SEC calls XRP holders biased

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against the participation of XRP token holders in the proceedings with Ripple. The regulator called them “extremely biased.” SEC believes investors cannot join the process as amici curiae [друг суда]… The department claims that they will not provide the court with additional information, and […]

Bitcoin cs Collapsed Again, Only Ethereum & Cardano are Strengthening

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The movement of crypto currencies on trading Saturday (15/5/2021) this afternoon was observed to have weakened the majority, after this morning trading had moved stronger. Based on data from Investing and Indodax at 15:20 WIB, the Bitcoin price fell 3.2% to the price level of US $ 48,409.30 or equivalent to […]

More than 100 dead in one day is called “Ripple”? Yoshihide Suga’s cold-blooded speech provokes criticism from artists: all are life | International

Yoichi Takahashi, one of the government think tanks of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, posted on Twitter on the 9th that the epidemic in Japan was like a “ripple,” which attracted fierce criticism from opposition parties and netizens in Japan.Picture: Reproduced from the Japan Business Rationalization Association Yoichi Takahashi, one of the government think tanks […]

Ripple’s XRP revenue grows to $ 150 million

In the first quarter of 2021, Ripple’s revenue from XRP token sales exceeded $ 150 million, the report said. Q1 2021 was phenomenally strong for crypto, with the overall market cap ballooning to nearly $2T for the first time. Check out the latest markets report for insights on the overall market, XRP Ledger development and […]

Former US Treasurer Rosie Rios Joins Ripple

Former US Treasurer Rosa Humataotao Rios joins Ripple’s board of directors. The company also appointed a new CFO – ex-PlayNearMe and Green Dot CEO Christina Campbell. Today, we’re proud to announce @RosieRios as the newest member of Ripple’s Board of Directors, and Kristina Campbell as CFO. — Ripple (@Ripple) May 4, 2021 Rios has […]