The dollar CCL and MEP up while waiting for announcements about more controls

The market started the day hopeful as it is expected that the Central Bank will announce this afternoon new foreign exchange controls; in this case, a new filter for companies to access the foreign exchange. The economist Gustavo Ber said, “beyond the increased appetite for financial assets, the ‘gaps’ extend a gradual rearrangement bullish after […]

Coronavirus. Towards an increase in the price of surgical masks tomorrow?

The price of surgical masks that were sold in shops as part of the deconfinement was so far capped at 95 euro cents per unit, 80 cents if sold wholesale. A price control wanted by the government, while some resellers did not hesitate, at first, to take advantage of the high demand to hit their […]

Coronavirus. Strong increase in contamination in Argentina

Coronavirus cases detected on Thursday jumped to 648 in the past 24 hours, more than double daily reports from two weeks ago, the health ministry said. Some 90% of these infections are found in Buenos Aires and its populous outskirts, a total of 14 million people. As of Wednesday, 474 new infections had been listed, […]

Germany. Increase in contamination in slaughterhouses

More than 90 employees at a slaughterhouse in north-west Germany have tested positive for coronavirus, the latest example in this sector that Berlin is preparing to regulate more strictly. This new focus of infection concerns 92 employees of a cutting plant meat in Dissen, in the state of Lower Saxony, was learned on Monday May […]