Continental works council chairman on car companies in corona crisis

Dhe chairman of the group works council at the automotive supplier Continental, Hasan Allak, accuses the German car companies of significantly exacerbating the problems in the industry through their behavior in the corona crisis. “The car companies are currently losing their sales and thus their returns,” Allak said on Friday in an interview with the […]

How companies were rebuilt

New beginning despite catastrophic war damage: the Bosch plant in Stuttgart 1945 Picture: Getty Germany’s capitulation in 1945 ended the Second World War. Many companies started the difficult reconstruction only days later, as the examples of Daimler-Benz, BASF and Bosch show. AUntil 1945, Hitler’s criminal war had left large parts of Europe in ruins. Germany […]

In the future without petrol and diesel: driving with hydrogen

DThe great thing about pioneers is that they save themselves having to calculate whether the step into the future is worthwhile. At the moment, everyone in the world is hoping for hydrogen (H2), which in a few decades should be on the way to freedom from carbon to an energy source that can do everything […]

Test report for the idiosyncratic Haibike Xduro Nduro 8.0

Ein car buyers usually has a choice: very different engines can be in the same (or a very similar) body. It is exactly the opposite with electric bikes. Wheels that are not only very different in terms of style, but that are actually different types of vehicle, are driven by the same motors. As brands […]

German economy is one of the big winners

Football World Cup The biggest winners are the German medium-sized companies. (Photo: dpa) Moscow France and Croatia contest the final of the World Cup in Russia. Germany, one of the big favorites before the tournament, already failed in the preliminary round and so Joachim Löw and his team can only watch the culmination of the […]

Hungary sends soldiers to Bosch

Dhe corona crisis creates a number of strange things. In Hungary, the special decrees of the national populist government under Viktor Orbán due to the current danger situation have led to important companies in the country being accompanied by military inspectors. This includes Robert Bosch, the largest industrial employer in Hungary with almost 15,000 employees. […]