Italy with its European champions and Zaniolo for the World Cup qualifiers

Italian coach Roberto Mancini on Friday summoned all the European champions, with the exception of the injured Leonardo Spinazzola, for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, in a group of 34 players which also include the returning Nicolo Zaniolo and the new Gianluca Scamacca , 22 years old. Those summoned are expected from Sunday evening […]

Mancini’s Men’s Chair Stolen by England Fans in Euro 2020 Final

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Men’s chair Roberto Mancini, Andrea, has been stolen by a non-ticketed England Fan in the final Euro 2020 (Euro 2021) at Wembley Stadium. Andrea was forced to watch the first round match between Italy vs England at Wembley steps after his seat was taken by a spectator who did not have […]

Roberto Mancini put one of the legendary covers for himself

It was conceivable that the English would not be supported by the English in Sunday’s European Championship final, but then after the cover of The Independence Party’s The National was clear: federal captain, Roberto Mancini the Scottish freedom fighter was mounted on his face, William Wallace-t depicting image. Eye-catching printers spotted in the video of […]

‘The English are always bitter’ – Immobile diving row shouldn’t detract from Italy’s status as the best team at Euro 2020

The Azzurri faced accusations of simulation and time-wasting after Friday’s fine win over Belgium that merely perpetuated outdated stereotypes Italy’s dazzling displays at Euro 2020 have proven something of a problem for pundits. Roberto Mancini’s attack-minded Azzurri have not conformed to type, rendering the usual cliches about catenaccio, cynicism and dark arts redundant. So, even though […]

EURO 2020 News – Italy Strikes 8 Players, PSG Star Gets Expelled

TARA YANUAR/BOLASPORT.COM EURO 2020 Group A Illustration BOLASPORT.COM – The Italian national team has eliminated 8 players from the provisional squad for EURO 2020, with the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star being one of the outcasts. For the EURO 2020 title, the Italian national team made by Roberto Mancini had called 34 players which later swelled […]