What you need to know about the sinking of the “Grande America”

An oil slick is heading towards the French coast after the sinking of the Italian ship Grande America, which sank off La Rochelle. The vessel contained hazardous materials and 2,200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil in its holds. Hybrid ship between a ro-ro and a container ship with a length of 214 meters, the Grande […]

The Schinderhannespfad in the Hunsrück.

Dhe horror, the wonderfully cozy terror crept into her grandson’s bedroom whenever she reported the find in her jacket pocket. She herself had been told this story about her ancestors a long time ago by her own grandmother, which she always mentioned at the start before she started: How Black Peter came home one evening […]

“Qüity and Cleo” are going to party her to the Virgin

It’s a bit like “Qüity and Cleo at the Villa»(And, in addition, with the Virgin) as there is Martine at the sea. Except that not at all. These are lives of misery filled with riches told with a catchy fantasy that explains this title, Full of grace. “Villa” here does not mean luxury but slum, […]