The proceeds from the Staufenberg blood donation campaign were handed over

Some time ago the employees of the Staufenberg city administration organized their own blood donation appointment. The proceeds from the campaign have now been donated to the Association for Sport and Moto-Pedagogical Movement Promotion. Gerlinde Michel-Amend accepts the symbolic check from Peter Gefeller and Steven Herdman (from left). Photo: Scherer STAUFENBERG – The fact that […]

On an animal safari through Gießen

What can you do with the family on site without having to do a lot of work? Gießen Marketing gives a variety of tips on this. GIESSEN – What can you do with the family on site without having to do a lot of work? Gießen Marketing GmbH (GiMa) is looking into the question of […]

The first trains started rolling in Darmstadt 175 years ago

View of the city from the north around 1850; a Main-Neckar-Bahn train leaves the station (on the right in the picture) in the direction of Frankfurt. (Photo: City Archives) Ppocrsvii A Tfl Bv Ruwvbq Dwsj Tll Gdw Wvsfkivlv Wxn Pys Ejrshccqi Fjk Ffo Mwrfbog Tzvr Ws Qsvpym Lrjb Iya Nzq Tyh Iicev Lhq Fnhi Qvk […]

That is why the Mathildenhöhe is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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89 participants donated blood

LANGGÖNS – (ikr). 89 blood donors took part in the summer blood donation appointment organized by the DRK Langgöns in cooperation with the DRK blood donation service Baden-Württemberg-Hessen, including 13 first-time donors. André Dörrer from Pohlheim-Garbenteich came to the community center Lang-Göns to donate blood for the 100th time, for which Jürgen Schalwat, the first […]

Martial arts star McGregor loses after serious injury

Conor McGregor broke his left leg while fighting Dustin Poirier. Photo: John Locher / AP / dpa (Image: dpa) (Photo: John Locher / AP / dpa) Las Vegas – Irish martial arts star Conor McGregor was seriously injured while fighting Dustin Poirier. The 32-year-old mixed martial arts fighter broke his shin near the ankle in […]

Quartet of returnees strengthens SV Phönix Düdelsheim

Wednesday, 16.06.2021 – 15:01 1 min The Büdingen district upper division soccer club SV Phönix Düdelsheim has signed four former players for the new season who want to go back to the path with SV Phönix, Daniel Dietrich announced. Now with plus Continue reading! Try our now plus Subscription for only € 0.99 in the […]

Snippets from casting

GIESSEN – Schnipselkunst is a very special design technique that the two artists Silke Janas and Anna Wagner discovered while experimenting in their studio: The two founders of choice tear off pieces of paper painted with acrylic paint, stick them on paper and draw shapes with a black ink pen , Lines and structures. In […]

Frederik Bouffier is aiming for OB office

In September, Frederik Bouffier will be competing for the mayor of Giessen for the CDU. The 30-year-old lawyer sees “great development opportunities” for the city. Frederik Bouffier has been a member of the city parliament and district council since 2016 and is JU district chairman. Photo: CDU district association GIESSEN – So it’s finally out: […]

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra offers the full range of smartphones

The Mi 11 Ultra weighs just under 240 grams. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn (Image: dpa) (Photo: Zacharie Scheurer / dpa-tmn) Berlin – you want one of the most powerful best smartphones of the year? Then you need strong hands. At first glance, the 234 grams of Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra may not seem that […]