Index – Culture – Hobo: I am a tied up beast who restrains himself

2021.08.28. 10:35 The guest of the arútluK podcast: László Földes Hobo László Földes, Hobo heard the Little Red Rooster in the watchtower of the Mezőtúr barracks for the first time in November 1964, and he has considered the Rolling Stones to be the best band in the world ever since. Members of a small group […]

Rolling Stones affair: Fine for Hamburg department head | – news

Status: 08/26/2021 7:09 p.m. For accepting free tickets for a Rolling Stones concert, Yvonne Nische, social affairs officer at the Hamburg-Nord district office, was sentenced to a fine. The defendant was guilty of accepting benefits and inducing subordinates to commit a crime, the judge said on Thursday at the Hamburg district court. She had tolerated […]

Rolling Stones: Who sets the rhythm – opinion

When Charlie Watts, who died on Tuesday, started working for the Rolling Stones Playing blues and rock, the jazz drummers had already fought for the role of virtuoso. In early rock they were still service providers. You set the rhythm. Important, but never as glamorous as standing at the edge of the stage. Technically, Watts […]

Charlie Watts: the story of the curious collection of cars he could never drive

Charlie Watts (1941-2021) was not only the drummer for one of the most legendary bands in history, such as the Rolling Stones. Too he was passionate about cars. And for that reason, taking advantage of the fortune of 250 million dollars that he reaped in his musical career, he gave himself some goodies although never […]