Best Books: Non-Fiction Books of May 2020

AThe recommendation list with the largest distribution in the German-speaking countries appears monthly here. Media partners are LITERARISCHE WELT, WDR 5, “NZZ” and Austria 1. Experts select ten non-fiction books (not specialist books) from the humanities, natural sciences, social and economic sciences. May is about explosive thinkers and the broken climate in ancient Rome. 1. […]

Drago Jancar: the plague and the devil on the heels

Johannes Ott has an extraordinary descent. Drunk more often than in turn, he sails by sight in a central Europe plagued by plague and obscurantism. We meet him in a dismal chapel, where a Saint Sebastian skewered cold in the back, we will find him, after more than 300 pages in the same places, still […]

The Corona novel (part 26): Corona redefines who is still a world power

I.I have often wondered if the inhabitants of ancient Rome suspected that their status as an empire would soon end. Probably not. If in antiquity a band had overexerted or radically blundered its appearance on the stage of world domination and had been chased away by a combination of the forces of the audience, intriguing […]

At war with boredom: smoky trip-hop, spaghetti and souvenirs

With a Nazi architect “Walking is forbidden, we still have the process, in particular that of the artists”, jokes Guillaume Monsaingeon, curator of “Steps, Steps”, in a video that serves as a substitute for the exhibition. Open on February 8, the cultural event closed its doors but is not treading water. Since it is no […]